Is Greedfall an Open-World RPG?

There might be one pressing question on your mind about the open-world nature of GreedFall. You would expect, for an action RPG, that the game would feature a vast, open world to explore. Potential players, however, aren’t sure if that’s the case. So, if you’re wondering “Is GreedFall an open-world RPG?” you’ll need our help finding out for certain. This GreedFall open-world article will give you the lowdown on this and look to remove any confusion from the equation. You’re welcome in advance.

GreedFall Open-World | How big is GreedFall‘s world?

GreedFall Open-World

Let’s take a look at why there’s so much confusion about this GreedFall open-world talking point. Most RPGs have an open-world element about them so that players are allowed to go wherever they want. Of course, certain parts of a world may be locked in the early parts of the game, but by the game’s end, the whole world will be open to you.

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As GreedFall is an RPG, you’d expect it to be just as open as any other role-playing title. However, according to reports about the game back in April, GreedFall isn’t a “true” open-world experience. That’s because there are areas of the game that you can’t return to once you leave them.

This open-world aspect was all-but-confirmed by Spiders CEO Jehanne Rousseau in August too. Speaking during one particular interview, Rosseau stated that “GreedFall is a lot more open, even if it’s not an open-world.”

With the game now in the hands of players, those working their way through it have also confirmed that it’s not a true open-world experience. If you were hoping it would, you might be a bit disappointed. This shouldn’t put you off from buying GreedFall if you like the look of it, though. Just bear in mind that it might not be the open-world experience you expected it to be if you do.