GreedFall Co-Op | Is local or online multiplayer available?

You might be curious about GreedFall co-op if you’re thinking about picking up Spiders’ latest action RPG. There’s some confusion online about local or online multiplayer support, or whether the game is simply single-player only. To get a definitive answer to this particular brain teaser, you’ll want to read our GreedFall co-op guide. It’ll give you all of the details about this query, so read on for more.

GreedFall Co-Op | Is GreedFall single-player only?

GreedFall co-op

It might seem odd for there to be confusion over a GreedFall co-op mode, but that’s exactly what’s dominating discussions online. Threads had popped up on the game’s Reddit page ahead of the game’s release, but people are still searching “GreedFall co-op” in a myriad of search engines.

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We hate to be the bearers of bad news, then, but there isn’t any form of multiplayer in GreedFall. The RPG is a single-player only game, and we’re sure there are plenty of disappointed people who wanted it to be more than that.

It seems strange that there was hope for a multiplayer component in this game, though. Spiders’ previous titles have all been single-player affairs, so it could be that players were holding out hope that GreedFall would finally be the exception to the rule.

There’s every chance that a multiplayer mode could come someway down the line. After all, GreedFall wouldn’t be the first or last single-player game to add multiplayer in at a later date. It’s highly unlikely, however, even with the clamor from fans of the game to see it introduced.

If you want to play GreedFall with friends, the only option available to you is to do a watch party of sorts. You and your mates could always take it in turns to play as the lead character, but other than that, you’ll have to play alone.