Monkey vomits on Rare dev during Sea of Thieves pet preview livestream

The stakes are impossibly high for the next Sea of Thieves livestream. During the presentation of the new premium store called Pirate Emporium, a monkey vomited on Rare dev Jon McFarlane without warning. Or perhaps his incessant shoulder-to-shoulder hopping could be an indication that some major spoilers were about to drop.

The monkey is called Antonio and the team assured the viewers that he is doing just fine, even enjoying a banana or two after his little incident.

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The mishap happens at 27:45 in the video below, when Antonio decided to switch shoulders in the nick of time, only to vomit on McFarlane, community video manager at Rare. His shirt was stained beyond belief, with some of the monkey vomit hitting McFarlane on the face. The reaction of the team is priceless: a mix of surprise, disbelief and unabashed laughter. McFarlane bravely continued the livestream, although it’s uncertain if he will ever work with animals again.

Joe “Three Sheets” Neate, executive producer on Sea of Thieves and another Rare dev doing the livestream, took to Twitter to explore the meanders of this incident and possibly unearth a mysterious plot. Could Antonio have the whole thing planned from the outset? Who knows what the little fella was thinking while standing on such a clean, spotless shirt? Whatever really happened, the Rare team handled the entire situation with such poise, particularly McFarlane, turning this Sea of Thieves livestream into something for the ages.

Pets are now available in Sea of Thieves with the launch of the Pirate Emporium store, starting with the ones most common in pirate fantasy. Parrots and monkeys are the first choices, but they come in multiple breed types. For parrots you have the macaw and parakeet, while monkeys come in capuchin and barbary breeds.

In case you are wondering about getting a real-life monkey as a pet, Antonio is a capuchin monkey. Just beware of accidental vomiting while streaming.

[Image Credit: Sea of Thieves/YouTube]