Sea of Thieves is getting fire according to developer leak

It seems that ships in Sea of Thieves will be facing a new threat that players will have to deal with. No, a new sea monster isn’t coming, nor is some new ghostly fleet set to attack. Instead, Rare accidentally revealed that Sea of Thieves will be getting fire.

Developer James Thomas accidentally made the reveal during a livestream earlier this week. Thomas stated that “I think the biggest thing we’ve announced that we have coming soon is fire, so hopefully there’ll be something for you-” before being interrupted by co-host, senior designer Andrew Preston, who asked “is that announced yet?”

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This isn’t the first time that Thomas announced a new feature for Sea of Thieves by mistake. Last January, he accidentally confirmed that parrots were coming to the game as a pet during another one of Rare’s weekly streams. This led to him being banned from appearing on these streams for a period of six months.

Whether or not Thomas will get banned again is unknown. However, Rare seems to be taking the accidental reveal in stride, posting a pun-laden tweet that had a bit of fun at Thomas’s expense. Then again, Rare could have possibly set this reveal up all along, making it seem like an accident, based on Thomas’ previous history.

Rare didn’t drop any details for how fire would work in the game, however—after all, it wasn’t supposed to be announced, or so we’re led to believe. That said, fire will likely not be coming to Sea of Thieves for some time, as there are a number of other things that Rare is prioritizing. The studio has yet to implement the pets and in-game store that it announced in its July developer update. As such, it is most likely focusing on getting these features working in the game before finally letting players’ ships burn.