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Modern Warfare Beta Account Login Error 0 | Problem with your Activision account

If you’re experiencing a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta account login error 0 when attempting to access the game’s open beta, you’re not alone. Some players are reporting an error message labeled “Error: 0” that says, “There was a problem with your Activision account,” preventing access to the game. For those wondering “Why can’t I log in?” we’ve put together a guide of possible solutions and things to watch regarding how to fix Modern Warfare beta Error 0.

Modern Warfare Beta Error 0 | Possible solutions

Since Error 0 simply indicates that there’s an issue related to your Activision account, it could mean a number of things. If you haven’t linked your PSN to your Activision account on the Activision website, that should be your first step. To link your Activision account and PSN, open a web browser, sign into your PSN account, sign into your Call of Duty profile in the same browser, choose an account to link in the “Account Linking” section, and select continue. If you’re having trouble, consult this Activision FAQ.

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Some players have also found that the issue comes from a mismatch between their PSN account’s region and their Activision account’s region. For example, if you have a U.S. PSN and are trying to connect to a U.K. Activision account, you could run into the Modern Warfare beta account login error. Possible fix for this issue could be to create a new Activision account under the same region as your PSN.

If neither of these issues solve your login error, it may be a good idea to reboot your console and router before moving on with other fixing methods to ensure it’s not some kind of problem on the user side of things.

Modern Warfare Beta Error 0 | Possible developer fixes

If these fixes don’t work and you’re still getting the account login error message, your best bet might be to look to Activision itself. If the issue persists and becomes widespread, it’s possible that we’ll see it addressed via Modern Warfare-related social media channels. Keep an eye on the Activision Support Twitter and the Modern Warfare Reddit page for updates, as well as the Infinity Ward Twitter and Call of Duty Twitter. You can also contact Activision Support directly to see if the support team is able to fix anything on their end.