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Borderlands 3 Locked Chest – The Droughts | Pandora Typhon Log locations

You’ll find a locked chest in The Droughts in Borderlands 3, and the way to open it isn’t immediately apparent. Unlike most containers in the game, this one stubbornly refuses just to pop open the first time you encounter it. This is the Typhon Dead Drop, and you’ll need to find the Typhon Log locations scattered around The Droughts on Pandora to unlock this chest. This is just the first set of logs you’ll need to find as each planet has a dead drop you can unlock.

How to find the Typhon Logs in Borderlands 3

Most objectives in Borderlands 3 are instantly and helpfully highlighted with a waypoint as soon as you start the quest. Well, unlocking the Typhon Dead Drop isn’t a quest in the traditional sense it’s a Crew Challenge, so you’re on your own if you want to find the three Typhon Logs needed to open the chest.

Borderlands 3 Typhon Log 1 Location

Borderlands 3 Typhon Log 1

You’ll find the first Typhon Log near the radio tower on a cliff.

Borderlands 3 Typhon Log 2 Location

Borderlands 3 Typhon Log 2

In this location, you’ll find a small base. Look for a path leading up and follow it to find the log.

Borderlands 3 Typhon Log 3 Location

Borderlands 3 Typhon Log 3

This log is by the junkyard. You can’t miss it since it’s sitting on a big boulder.

How to open the Typhon Dead Drop chest in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Typhon Dead Drop chest location

The Typhon Dead Drop chest is past the line of barriers that make you dismount your vehicle. As long as you have all three logs, you can hop on over there and prepare yourself for some loot. When you get past the barriers, stick to the right and hop over the small chasm at the end of the path to reach the chest.

Unfortunately, the loot isn’t that great, though it’ll be useful if you’re getting it early on in the game. Don’t be too disappointed if you don’t get anything great. The randomized loot can make these locked chests seem like more trouble than they’re worth. There’s plenty of more guns and glory to be had, and a beast of a weapon might be just one kill away.