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Untitled Goose Game | How to make the groundskeeper wear his sun hat

Untitled Goose Game first has you pestering an innocent groundskeeper, with one of your initial assignments asking you to make the groundskeeper wear his sun hat. This early objective can be a little tricky to figure out, given that the sun hat isn’t in reach of your goose, and the groundskeeper is already a hat-wearing man. Here’s how to make the groundskeeper wear his sun hat in Untitled Goose Game.

Untitled Goose Game | Remove the groundskeeper’s hat

In order to make the groundskeeper wear the sun hat, you’re first going to need to remove his current hat. Fortunately, this is a relatively easy task, even if he’ll inevitably chase you around his grounds once you’ve taken it from atop his head.

To remove his hat, you first need him to bend down so you can grab it. There are a few ways you can do this:

  • Carry the radio, and then drop it on the floor in front of him
  • Steal some of his produce and drop it next to him
  • Steal his keys

After the groundskeeper has kneeled down to retrieve one of the above objects, you can then approach his head and grab his current hat from off it.

The groundskeeper will chase you after you take the hat from his head, and all NPCs are faster than you are. If the groundskeeper catches up with you, you’ll drop the hat and he’ll return it to his head. If this happens, you’ll need to repeat the above process.

Untitled Goose Game | Make the groundskeeper wear his sun hat

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After grabbing the groundskeeper’s hat, you need to ensure that he can’t pick it up and put it back on his head. To do this, you must leave the grounds through the gate (make sure that it is unlocked ahead of your exit), and head on over to the lake. You can then drop the hat in the lake, ensuring that the groundskeeper won’t be able to retrieve it in the process.

After the hat has been dropped in the lake, the groundskeeper will immediately concede defeat and head on over to the sun hat that is hanging on the door of his shed. You’ll then complete the objective.

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