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Untitled Goose Game | How to get into the pub

How to get into the pub in Untitled Goose Game is difficult when you’re a goose who nobody likes. In order to get into the pub, you’ll first need to bypass the bouncer at the door, who will scare you away at the first opportunity. With there only being one entrance to this pub, there’s no chance you’re sneaking past him without him noticing. So how do you get past the burly man and get into the pub in Untitled Goose Game? Read our guide to find out.

Untitled Goose Game | How to get past the man

The man sits on a barrel facing out into the pub car park, where you’ll need to make your entrance. This means that there’s no chance of catching him unaware and sneaking on by.

Fortunately, there is a stealthy, Metal Gear-esque tactic you can employ in order to get into the pub. You’ll notice a box located next to a yellow van near the right-hand side of the pub car park. This box needs to be delivered by the delivery woman, and this is your chance to get inside the pub.

Untitled Goose Game | Get into the pub

You can enter the box by standing inside of it and pressing the grab button. After getting into the box, you’ll then need to wait for the delivery woman to come and pick you up. When she does, she’ll transport you inside the pub; you can exit the box after passing the man at the entrance, as the woman won’t chase you out after realizing she’s smuggled you in.

If you enter the box while the woman is watching you, she’ll pick up the box and shake you out of it. As such, you’ll need to distract her if she spots you. To do this, shut one of the doors of the yellow van. When she walks over to close the door, you can then hop into the box without her suspecting a thing.

After you’ve successfully hidden inside the box and have been carried into the pub, you’ll have completed the objective.

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