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Borderlands 3 Bad Reception Final Dish | How to destroy it

As part of the Bad Reception quest in Borderlands 3, you have to help out a chap named Completely Sane Sid by destroying satellite dishes. The mission isn’t too tough until you try to destroy the last dish. Breaking the third dish in Bad Reception can be a bit tough since it’s so far away and there’s no way to walk to it since it’s outside the map boundaries. Fortunately, we’ve figured out how to destroy the last dish in the Bad Reception quest in Borderlands 3 and will explain how to do it below.

How to destroy the final dish in the Bad Reception quest in Borderlands 3.

You’ll get this quest from Claptrap early on in the game after you arrive at The Droughts. The little robot has lost his antenna and needs a replacement. Unfortunately, he wants a variety of alternatives to choose from, so you have to walk through the wasteland to find them for him.

One of the replacements, a tinfoil hat, is worn by a psycho named Completely Sane Sid. Unlike most psychos you’ll meet, Sid is actually quite well behaved and genteel. He’s amiable to give you the hat, but in exchange he wants you to destroy three dishes in the surrounding area he claims are trying to beam unwanted thoughts into his head.

Borderlands 3 Bad Reception First Dish

The first dish is straightforward to find. It’s right on top of Sid’s shack. A few bullets from any gun will take it out.

Borderlands 3 Bad Reception Second Dish

The second dish is a bit tougher, but if you use your minimap to line up the shot, you should have no trouble taking it out.

Borderlands 3 Bad Reception Final Dish

The final dish in Bad Reception is one of the harder mission targets to hit in all of Borderlands 3. The satellite is outside of the map, so you can’t just walk up to it and blast it. Unfortunately, it’s too far away for most of your guns to reach. It’s also placed at an awkward angle that makes getting closer to take it out difficult. However, there’s a perfect weapon to use and an ideal place to take the shot from.

By now, you’ll probably have a sniper rifle. Any one will do, you just need the range of a sniper bullet and a scope to fire it accurately. Equip your sniper rifle and jump on top of Sid’s shack. From here, you can spy the final dish and line up the shot quickly. It’s still a much longer distance than you’re likely used to shooting in Borderlands, but you should be able to take it out in a few shots.

If you don’t have a sniper rifle yet, you have two choices. You can either try and destroy the final dish out with what you’ve got, or explore the surrounding area until you find one. I couldn’t manage to hit the satellite with anything other than a sniper rifle, but it’s entirely possible you can blow it up with any weapon. It’s your call.

Borderlands 3 Bad Reception Crazy Sid

After you destroy the final dish, you have just one more objective to complete this portion of Bad Reception: Kill Sid. Sid duped you, as the signals from the dishes were keeping his psycho tendencies subdued. Once they’re gone, he reverts to a regular psycho, and you have to kill him to get the tinfoil hat.

After you grab the hat, you’re all done here. I haven’t faced another shot like this one in the rest of the game, so it’s a bit of a one off deal. Borderlands 3 doesn’t require a lot of accuracy for the most part, so it’s fun to get a chance to do some long-distance shooting.