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Gear POP Infinite Loading Daily Deal | Where are my missing Coins?

Mediatonic, The Coalition, and Xbox Game Studios’ Gears POP recently received a long-awaited balance patch, most notably nerfing the overpowered Old Man Marcus Legendary Pin, but now there’s a new issue irking devoted players. The Clash Royale-style 1v1 multiplayer strategy game features a range of rotating Daily Deals in its store, allowing players to purchase select Pins using in-game currency gained by opening loot boxes or bought with another premium currency. Recently, however, a Gear POP infinite loading Daily Deal issue has been robbing people of their hard-earned Coins.

How to fix the Gear POP infinite loading Daily Deal issue

Gear POP Infinite Loading Daily Deal

Annoyingly, while a relatively sparse number of Coins can be earned by completing certain co-op Horde waves and by opening loot boxes (known here as War Chests) earned by winning competitive versus battles, any significant sum of Coins will need to be purchased with the mobile game’s premium currency. Crystals don’t come cheap and as such, by proxy, players that fall victim to the infinite load issue can be robbed of their premium purchases.

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When the game becomes stuck the only option is to close and re-open the app on your Android or iOS device, at which point the amount of currency proportional to the purchase will have been removed from your account and the item will display as “purchased” in the store.

So, what can be done? Unfortunately, there’s currently no known fix for this particularly troublesome problem. There is, however, a way to minimize your losses. After the infinite loading error occurs for the first time and you reboot the app, it doesn’t seem to rear its ugly head again until the first purchase is made on the next day. This means that by buying a cheap Pin that you don’t use in your loadout, then resetting the game and purchasing the others, you can continue to benefit from the storefront deals while losing the least amount of Coins and Pins in the process.

It’s by no means a perfect workaround, so if you’re completely opposed to losing any of your currency it’d be best to wait for an update from developer Mediatonic.