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Dead Island: Riptide Xbox360 Cheats

For the very best tips and tricks on how to save your brains in Dead Island: Riptide, use our in-depth guide in our FAQs section.

Trampoline glitch

Go to haili village and climb the ladder on the big unfineshed boat and stand on the ladder and look at the board with the crack in it and walk off and double tap a 1ce and youll fly on to the roof.

Canned Food Exploit

In an early chapter, you'll meet a girl who asks you to scrounge along the beach for water and food. She'll next ask for canned food. Once you retrieve around 10 or 20 cans, toss it on the ground and then kill yourself. As the recover process follows, quickly load your last checkpoint and access your inventory. Scroll down and you should find that the cans are back in your inventory. They also should be on the ground where you left them before loading your checkpoint save. You can keep repeating the process to mass a huge pile of cans that you can use to gain experience and money.

Carry Additional Weapons

When you are playing as John Morgan, enter rage mode. John will pull out a staff, which is separate from his standard inventory. If your inventory is full at that point and another weapon pickup is nearby, you can quickly select that other weapon to replace the baton that John is carrying. That will add an additional weapon to your inventory, so that you are now carrying more than the usual maximum of 18 weapons. You can continue to expand your inventory in this manner, by activating rage mode and swapping out the baton for addition items as your inventory swells.

Duplication Of Weapons

First you need a partner in coop throw the item that you want duplicated will also need another machine gun/assult rifle pretty much anything when you hold the trigger down it fires bullets while shooting the weapon have your friend pick it up! It's harder to do diamonds because there soo small but if you have god guns duplicate them with friends!:D

Infinite experience and money

When you first enter Halai Village in Chapter 3, you can talk to Houston on the first floor of the trader's building to activate the "Kill The Pain" side quest. Then, every time you give Houston painkillers, you will get XP and money. He will stay in Halai, even while the survivor party moves inland and towards Henderson. Use the "Duplicating items and weapons" cheat to duplicate as many painkillers as desired. Give them to Houston for easy XP and money.

You can sell blades to Miya for easy money and XP. Blades can be found, or purchased for $300 to $400 each. You can resell them to Miya for $1,200+ and 1,600+ XP per blade. To purchase blades, you must find a vendor that has blades in their inventory. Once you do find a vendor with blades in their inventory, buy as many as possible. If you run out of money, you can farm money by fast traveling to Henderson Ferry Station. At Henderson Ferry Station, there will be four lockers that always contain money. The amount of money in each locker ranges from $2,000 to $5,000. Collect the money, then fast travel to any location and back to Henderson Ferry Station for the money to respawn. However, do not farm money for too long because the vendor's inventory changes regularly. To farm blades, go to Marik's Marina. When you spawn, go left, and you will see large compound. Go to the back of the compound. Use the ladder, then go across the roof and into the fenced area. Kill all the zombies, then go into the house, and there will be three blades inside. After collecting the blades, fast travel to a different location and back or go to a Dead Zone for the blades to respawn. Once you have the desired number of blades, go to Miya. She can be found in the Flooded Jungle area of the map in the Mataka Village location. When you spawn in Mataka Village, obtain the closest boat, and go northwest of Tuluga Cave to find Miya. Successfully complete her mission to be able to turn in blades for money and XP. Repeat this process as many times as desired.

Infinite chainsaws

You can obtain the chainsaw at the beginning of the game. Go to the abandoned movie set. Once inside the movie set, go left and down the narrow hallway. Proceed through the door and into the back area where there is a table. Look to the left of the table to find a chainsaw. When your chainsaw runs out of fuel, go back to the movie set to get another chainsaw. It will respawn every time you enter the movie set.

Infinite shotgun ammo

Proceed through the main story missions until you have access to Palanai Military Outpost in Henderson. Enter the military base, and go to the fast travel map. There is a shotgun and two boxes of ammo on the table next to the tent with the fast travel map on it. Grab the shotgun and ammo, then enter the fast travel map, and fast travel to any location. Once you spawn in the new location, enter the fast travel map, and go back to Palanai Military Outpost. The shotgun and ammo will have respawned. Repeat this process as many times as desired.

Finding the Deathstalker Mod

Proceed through the main story missions until you have access to Henderson. Then, go to the north side just before crossing the bridge to the Military Base. There will be a ladder that takes you up to meet Damien, and the Deathstalker Mod will be behind him. The Deathstalker Mod adds toxicity to your weapon. There are a lot of weapons you can use it on. Most of the ingredients necessary to make the weapon are easy to find, except for the Stingray Tail. This item is incredibly rare to find -- so when you do find it, make sure to use the Deathstalker Mod on the best weapon you have available.


Achiever 0 Finish all quests in the game

Mystery solved 0 Find all the secret files

Obtain level 50 0 Obtain level 50 

Obtain level 70 0 Obtain level 70 

Siege Hammer 0 Install a total of 5 barricades during hub defense

Dream Team 0 Complete all the main quests cooperatively with any number of partners 

The Collector 0 Find 50% of collectibles

The Hoarder 0 Find all collectibles 

Professional Tourist 0 Find all pages from the guide book

Twins 0 Kill the Twins 

News junkie 0 Find all the volunteer's voice recordings 

At Your Service 0 Rescue 20 NPCs that have been grabbed by monsters

The Hurt Mine Locker 0 Kill 10 monsters with one mine

BrainLess 0 Kill 50 monsters by smashing, decapitating or shooting them in the head

Hurler 0 Kill 100 monsters with thrown melee weapons

Bully 0 Kill 100 monsters with a kick

Jetboat 0 Kill 100 monsters using the boat's speed boost

Juggernaut 0 Kill 100 enemies using charge attacks

Better than the arm 0 Kill 25 monsters with a chainsaw 

It's an Order 0 Mark 100 opponents which were then killed by your co-op partners 

King among Kings 0 Kill special enemies: Grenadier, Thug, Wrestler, Infected, Suicider, Screamer, Butcher, Floater

Hunter-Seeker 0 Find and kill all named champion monsters located in dead zones