Box art - Fuse

Fuse Xbox360 Cheats


Missing Persons 20 Complete Hyperion Base.

Cold Turkey 20 Defeat Ivan Sovlenko.

Damaged Goods 20 Defeat Meilin Mao.

Extraction Specialist 20 Complete Raven Facility.

Daddy Issues 20 Save Luther from the Order of Grigori.

What a Waste of a Space Station 20 Complete Grigori Station.

Overstrike 50 Complete all missions on normal difficulty.

Overstrike Elite 75 Complete all missions on Lethal.

Buddy System 20 Complete a single mission in co-op (2, 3 or 4p).

Group Hug 75 Complete all missions co-op (2, 3, or 4p).

The Merc 25 Get Dalton to max level.

The Assassin 25 Get Naya to max level.

The Detective 25 Get Jacob to max level.

The Hacker 25 Get Izzy to max level.

Perk-olated 20 Purchase a single Team Perk.

That's a Lot of Dead Guys 10 Kill 2500 enemies in Campaign and Echelon.

Killer Perk 10 Fully upgrade 1 perk in the Team Perks menu.

Valued Customer 50 Fully upgrade 16 perks in the Team Perks menu.

All Grown Up 25 Unlock 16 perks.

Dalton 2.0 25 Upgrade Dalton's entire skill tree.

Naya 2.0 25 Upgrade Naya's entire skill tree.

Izzy 2.0 25 Upgrade Izzy's entire skill tree.

Jacob 2.0 25 Upgrade Jacob's entire skill tree.

Unstoppable 10 Complete 6 waves on a single map with 2+ players.

Ain't Got Time to Bleed 15 Complete 12 waves on a single map with 2+ players.

Let's Go Shopping 20 Spend 100,000 Fuse Credits.

Echelon Specialist 20 Get 5 Stars on a single Echelon Map with 2+ players.

Echelon Agent 75 Get 5 Stars on all Echelon maps with 2+ players.

We're Gonna Need a Mop 20 Eviscerate 3 enemies at once using the MagShield.

Chain Gang (of Dead Guys) 20 Create a chain reaction that takes out 3 enemies at once.

Shots Fired! 20 Pin 3 enemies within a 10 second period.

The Geologist 20 Crystallize and kill 3 enemies at once.

Shh... Go to Sleep 20 Perform a stealth takedown on 2 enemies at once in a co-op game.

Ninja Style 30 Stealth takedown 4 enemies at once in a four player co-op game. 

The Inspector 30 Collect every piece of Intel in the game. 

I'm Your Huckleberry 20 Kill 3 Leadfires, Leadfoots, or Leadshots using only your sidearm.