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Skip Cutscenes in Borderlands 3 | Can you skip the intro?

If you want to get straight to the killing, you’ll likely want to know if you can skip cutscenes in Borderlands 3. You’ll probably also want to know if there’s a way to skip the intro. Both the intro movies when you start the game and the tutorial section are a hassle when you just want to get in and bust some cultist’s heads, so who wouldn’t want to skip the videos?

Can you skip cutscenes in Borderlands 3?

Borderlands Skip Cutscenes

You can’t skip cutscenes in Borderlands 3. Unlike almost every other modern game, Gearbox has decided that every BL3 cutscene is entirely essential and must be watched every time you play the game, even if you’re on your second playthrough. Fortunately, there aren’t a ton of videos to sit through, and they’re spaced pretty evenly throughout the game, so you won’t be getting stopped every five minutes. However, over 30 hours of gameplay, this can add up to quite a bit of time.

It’s an odd choice to leave out the almost essential function of skipping cutscenes. Borderlands 3 is one of the only AAA games in recent memory to force you to watch each video, including the long, meandering intro. Hopefully, since this seems to be a widely requested feature, Gearbox will patch it in before long.

Can you skip the intro in Borderlands 3?

Like every Borderlands game, Borderlands 3 has a long intro video followed by a tutorial. Some games let those familiar with the series just bypass that sort of stuff and get straight into the gameplay. However, you can’t skip the intro in Borderlands 3 or the tutorial section that follows, at least if you’re on a console.

Each time you start a playthrough of BL3, you’ll have to listen to Marcus talk about vault hunters and all that and do the standard tutorial with Claptrap. Fortunately, this section is a bit shorter than in previous games, but it’s still annoying if you just want to get to lootin’ and shootin’.

PC players have more options open to them when it comes to skipping the launch and tutorial cutscenes. If you want to bypass the logo videos that appear when the game starts and/or the intro video with Marcus, you’ll need to head into the game’s files.

Borderlands 3 skip cutscenes intros files

  • You’ll need to follow these steps to disable the logo videos and/or the tutorial video:
  • Find Borderlands 3 on your hard drive. It’s likely installed under your default Epic Games Launcher folder unless you specified an alternative location.
  • Inside the Borderlands 3 folder, you’ll need to access a directory named OakGame.
  • Inside OakGame, find the Content folder and open it.
  • Under Content, you’ll find the Movies folder, double-click into it.
  • In Movies, you’ll find every cutscene file in Borderlands 3.
  • To disable the intro you’ll need to rename MARCUS_INTRO.mp4 to anything other than its original filename.
  • To disable the logo videos that appear when you launch the game, rename:
    • 2KLOGO.mp4
    • AMDLOGO.mp4
    • GBXLOGO.mp4

Luckily, instead of locking up and crashing when its missing a video file, Borderlands 3 just skips it and proceeds to load the next part of the game. Unfortunately, most cutscenes in the game are in-game, and can’t be skipped by renaming a file. However, by following the instructions above, you can bypass some of the more annoying videos.

Again, the file rename trick only works on PC. For those playing BL3 on a console, you’re stuck with all videos and cutscenes with no ability to skip them at this time. Hopefully, Gearbox will hear your pain and add a cutscene skip button to Borderlands 3, but for now, you’re fated to watch them whether you like it or not.