EA Access login error | EA Access app won’t open

Earlier today, some users of the PS4 and Xbox One EA Access apps reported issues opening EA’s game subscription service software on their consoles. When trying to open the app, users were unable to connect, receiving an error message that said, “Oh no! It looks like we’ve encountered an error.” The error message advised closing the app and trying again, but that solution did not seem to work for several users, and who still found at the time that the EA Access app won’t open. This EA Access login error guide covers possible solutions to the problem.

EA Access login error | What causes the error?

While the error message advises going to ea.com/unable-to-connect, this page covers common troubleshooting errors like checking if your subscription is still active and ensuring your account isn’t banned. Several users on the EA Answers HQ forums reported just having purchased subscriptions, however, so the issue was likely not on the users’ side of things.

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Instead, the EA Access “unable to connect” error is likely a server-side issue. This could be tied to an influx of users signing up in order to participate in the FIFA 20 early access period, which begins tomorrow for EA Access subscribers.

EA Access login error | How to fix the error

Still, if you’re encountering a login error, it’s best to try the basic troubleshooting steps first. EA advises closing the app fully and relaunching it. It may also be worth restarting your console and checking for updates. Otherwise, the login error could be an issue with EA’s servers. In that case, your best option is to hang tight and wait for updates on the EA forums or the EA Help Twitter account.

In one thread about the login issues today, an EA community manager advised users to post the following information if they were experiencing login issues:

  • Platform (XB1 / PS4)
  • Region (where are you located)
  • Timestamp where your trying to login
  • Any error message you’re seeing

The issues appear to have been solved for most users as of writing, but if you’re still experiencing problems, it’s probably worth dropping that information in the forum thread.