Rainbow Six Siege 1.72 Update Patch Notes | Goodbye PS4 Crashes

The Rainbow Six Siege 1.72 update patch notes are here and they have some nice surprises for console players. According to Ubisoft, the developers have managed to get a handle on some pretty bad PS4 crashes, along with some pretty amusing fixes for the pyromaniacs out there.

Rainbow Six Siege 1.72 Update Patch Notes | Patch Highlights

Rainbow Six Siege 1.72 Update Patch Notes

This particular patch is smaller than usual as it’s focused on quickly fixing some critical issues. The major highlight is that they’ve managed to resolve issues with PS4 players getting crashes. There’s an upside and a downside to this: PS4 players should be good to go, but Ubisoft is still investigating for Xbox One and PC players. An update on the progress of crash issues for Xbox One and PC players will come out as soon as they have something to say.

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Reverse friendly fire has been expanded to squads. Shoot someone who is in your squad and the same mechanics will take place — it will reverse any damage dealt.

Additionally, a couple of pretty funny fixes have made their way into the game. The Rainbow Six Siege community is apparently filled with a bunch of pyromaniacs, so much so that they’ve finally made hostages immune to fire. This was also done to prevent any kind of griefing through the mechanics of the reverse friendly fire system.

A silly oversight has also been corrected. Previously, if a vote to kick you had popped up, you (for some reason) had the ability to vote to kick yourself from the game. This has now been removed.

Overall, this was a pretty small patch in terms of changes as Ubisoft was quite keen to get a handle on the crashing issues that players are experiencing on all platforms. PS4 down, Xbox and PC to go. A number of other changes have gone through, so read on for the full Rainbow Six Siege 1.72 update patch notes.

Rainbow Six Siege 1.72 Update Patch Notes | Full List




Hostage has evolved.

  • Hostage is now immune to fire (both Goyo’s Volcan and Capitao)
  • To prevent incidences of team griefing towards Goyo under the RFF system, we’ve decided to make hostage immune to fire.


  • We have now expanded the RFF system to squads. If players of the same squad damage or TK other team members, RFF will be activated for all members of that squad.


  • FIXED – Crashing issues on PS4

We are also in the midst of investigating crashing issues reported for PC and XBONE as well, and will update when we have more.


  • FIXED – Player exploit to vote on themselves when a Vote Kick is triggered and they are the ones being kicked
  • FIXED – If player crouches or goes prone and then falls, their upwards view can be obstructed by their character model.



  • FIXED – Operator’s shield clips through the wall at 2F Offices on Border


  • FIXED – Inconsistent wall destruction in 2F hallway on Coastline


  • FIXED – Players can barricade a door behind the boxes in 1F Hannam Hallway of Fortress
  • FIXED – Flickering wall texture in EXT Garden Path of Fortress
  • FIXED – Small texture gap on Central Stairs of Fortress
  • FIXED – Players can clip through the ceiling domes in Fortress
  • FIXED – Misaligned wall in 2F Bathroom on Fortress


  • FIXED – Missing visual texture on walls in 3F Cigar Lounge on Kafe.


  • FIXED – Mira’s black mirror can clip through an unbreakable surface if deployed at the West wall of 2F Staff Section on Plane.


  • FIXED – Level skybox sometimes visible when loading in on the first boot
  • FIXED – Stat tracking issues when using Twitch drones to destroy gadgets
  • FIXED – Various minor visual cosmetic fixes on headgears and uniforms.
  • FIXED – Phone reset animation plays on the wrong side when getting a call from Dokkaebi.
  • FIXED – [Caster] Operators are detected on the basement level instead of the first floor in spectator mode.