Demon Slayer Episode 25 Release Date

Where have the last few months gone? We’re already on the penultimate Demon Slayer episode with the Demon Slayer episode 25 release date. You definitely won’t want to miss the second-to-last episode of Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba if you’ve been keeping up with the exciting anime. Thankfully, we’re here to let you know the release date of the 25th episode of Demon Slayer. In this guide, we’ll let you know where and when to watch the latest episode of Demon Slayer, both subbed and dubbed. Read on to find out the latest Demon Slayer episode release dates and times in the U.S. and U.K.

When is the Demon Slayer episode 25 release date?

Demon Slayer episode 25

Despite the changeable nature of anime release dates and air times, Demon Slayer thankfully remains as a weekend show. Any last-minute delays notwithstanding, the Demon Slayer episode 25 release date should be Saturday, September 21.

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To make things even better for everyone, Demon Slayer is simulcast around the world at the same time in its subbed format. This means no matter where you are, you should be able to watch it at the same time as anyone else. The Demon Slayer episode 25 U.S. release time should be 9 AM Pacific/Noon Eastern. This means that the Demon Slayer U.K. release time should, therefore, be 5 PM BST.

We’d recommend that you head on over to Crunchyroll to watch the latest episode of Demon Slayer as and when it goes live. Simply head to Crunchyroll at the date and time listed above in order to watch episode 25 when the episode airs. If you don’t see it listed, refresh the page until it turns up. In case of any last-minute delays, however, you could do worse than keep an eye on any relevant social media channels.

Demon Slayer episode 25 English dub release time

Demon Slayer episode 25

At long last, we have a Demon Slayer English dub premiere date. The first dubbed episode of Demon Slayer will air on the Toonami block of Adult Swim on October 12, 2019, according to Toonami’s Facebook account. Mark those calendars. Of course, this does mean that dubbed episode 25 is a ways off yet, but at least we know it’s coming.