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Football Manager 2020 Beta Release Date

With its headline features now out in the wild, it’s time to look forward to the Football Manager 2020 beta release date. Fans of the iconic soccer management sim want to get their hands on the beta to try the game out before its full launch later this year. There has been some confusion about when the beta will be released, but wonder no more, you future soccer management legend. Our Football Manager 2020 beta release date guide is here to give you all of the details. Settle into your seat in the dugout, and let’s dive in.

When is the Football Manager 2020 Beta Release Date?

Football Manager 2020 Beta Release Date

Over the past decade, the release date of the beta for every iteration has been a fortnight before the main game lands in digital and physical stores. The Football Manager 2020 beta release date hasn’t been announced yet, however, and neither has the official launch date for the game.

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This is due to the fact that Sports Interactive only revealed the headline features for Football Manager 2020 on September 19. It wouldn’t make sense to drop every piece of information on the same day and not build any anticipation to the beta or full game release dates.

That won’t stop us from speculating on when it’ll land, though. Football Manager titles are normally released in early November, but they have been as early as mid-October before now. The last three installments have been released on November 13, 4, and 10, respectively. We guess that Football Manager 2020 will launch around here too, so expect it to be released on November 8 or 15.

As for the beta, it’ll be released two weeks before either of these dates, assuming Sports Interactive sticks to its usual formula. If that’s true, it’ll drop on October 25 or November 1. All of these dates are Fridays too, so you’d have the weekend to gorge yourself on this football management sim.