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How to dodge in The Surge 2 | Why can’t I evade attacks?

You may be left wondering why your newly created character in The Surge 2 is so limited in movement options. Rest assured that this doesn’t remain the case, but you’re probably still curious about how to dodge in The Surge 2 and also when exactly you’ll be able to perform additional movements like jumping and sprinting.

How to dodge in The Surge 2 | When can I sprint, jump, and dodge?

How to dodge in The Surge 2

Initially, players take control of their protagonist after they awake from a coma in a weakened state. While the mute player character can still attack and defend by weaponizing a pair of defibrillators found in the medical room they start off in, in terms of movement they’re limited to just a brisk jog. When enemies hit as hard as they do in The Surge 2, you’ll quickly come to sorely miss the ability to evade incoming attacks with a dedicated dodge maneuver.

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Luckily, after you defeat the game’s first boss — and Nitro isn’t too big of a challenge if you lock-on, circle strafe at a distance, then close in from behind to land a few hits as he recovers from his exhausting hammer swings — you’ll find a Medbay and with it a safe haven. It’s here you’ll don the series’ trademark exoskeleton (Exo Rig) and with it gain the ability to dodge, jump, and sprint.

Even then you might need some help with the irregular button mapping, however. On consoles, pressing in the left analog stick (L3) is jump, tapping X/A on PS4/Xbox One respectively is dodge, while holding the button down as you move will prompt your character to sprint. It’s also worth noting that each of these actions consumes stamina, which you’ll need to carefully conserve during combat in order to prevent yourself from getting out of breath and being left vulnerable to attacks.