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FIFA 20 Ultimate Edition Disappeared | Removed from Library fix

While the full release of FIFA 20 is right around the corner, people are encountering an annoying FIFA 20 Ultimate Edition disappeared bug during its time in Early Access. Plenty of you are finding that FIFA 20 has been removed from your PlayStation Store Library, even though you have already paid for the game. In this guide, we’ll let you know if there is a FIFA 20 removed from library fix or not. Thankfully, it appears as though this is a FIFA 20 EA Access bug and that you should still get hold of the game when it releases fully soon.

FIFA 20 Ultimate Edition Disappeared | Removed from Library fix

FIFA 20 Ultimate Edition disappeared

As stated above, plenty of you are taking online to air your annoyance and frustrations that your copy of FIFA 20 Ultimate Edition has disappeared. We’ve seen reports all over the place; it would appear that people playing the EA Access version of FIFA 2o are noticing that their pre-orders of the FIFA 20 Ultimate Edition have disappeared from their PS4 libraries. Of course, no one wants to be told that they have lost their pre-order of a game, especially a costly Ultimate Edition of a game.

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Thankfully, we’re pretty sure that you should still receive your pre-order when FIFA 20 releases on September 24. It appears as though the FIFA 20 Ultimate Team disappeared issue is a bug. Looking online, it seems as though many of you are noting that your pre-ordered copy of FIFA 20 has been removed from your PS4 library. This appears to be happening to those who have played the EA Access version of FIFA 20.

Thankfully, this is simply a bug, and you haven’t lost your copy of FIFA 20. If you have the EA Access trial version of FIFA 20 installed on your PS4, the game will likely have been removed from your library in a visual glitch. You still own the game. It’s just sitting there waiting for the full release date before it reappears.

Hopefully, this means that you should receive the Ultimate Edition of the game still. If not, however, you can grab a refund or easily prove to EA that you paid for the Ultimate Edition. Simply head into your transactions on your PSN and take a screenshot to prove what version you bought. You should have a receipt of the edition you pre-ordered, too. Use this as proof of purchase if things do go wrong. As stated above, though, it appears to be a visual glitch. You should get whatever version of the game you paid for.

To make it even surer, there is another workaround. Play through the ten hours of the EA Access trial. Once you do, the game should reappear in your library with the correct timer and, hopefully, version.