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Code Vein How to Save | Is there autosave?

Learning how to save in Code Vein is essential due to the game’s high difficulty. Figuring out how manual saves and autosaves work can mean the difference between loading up right where you left off or having to replay massive swathes of the game. Here’s how saving works in Code Vein.

How do you save in Code Vein?

Code Vein Save and Quit

Saving in Code Vein is very similar to the system in Dark Souls. While this game isn’t quite as unforgiving as From Software’s series, you can’t just save anywhere. Instead, the only time the game saves is:

  • When you rest at a Mistle
  • When you die and respawn at a Mistle

When you do either of the two above actions, the game will autosave. This is something that happens without exception. You can’t avoid saving if you use a Mistle in Code Vein, it’ll happen everytime. Since refilling your healing charges, unlocking new gifts, and leveling takes place at these bushes, you really can’t go too long without recording your progress.

This ends up being a hybrid of manual and autosave systems. You’re technically manually saving because you choose when to rest at a Mistle, but when you do so, it triggers the autosave system.

Unfortuately, you also only get the one save slot in Code Vein. So, you can’t save scum your way to victory. The exception is on PC. If you can locate your save file, you can probably Alt+Tab and make a backup. You could then quit out of the game if you messed up and copy the old save file back. This isn’t guarenteed to work and has the risk of possibly corrupting your save.

Your best bet is to just get in Dark Souls mode and get ready for saves to be a pain. Part of the difficulty in Code Vein is exploring and finding new Mistles, so just take the wonky save system as a feature.