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Code Vein Switch Release Date | Is it coming to Switch?

Code Vein on Switch didn’t hit on the same release date as the other versions, but what about down the road? Many Switch ports release months after their PS4, Xbox One, and PC editions, so is Code Vein Switch the same? We’ll take a look at the situation below and give you the info you need.

What is the Code Vein Switch release date?

Code Vein Coming to Switch Release

To get the bad news out of the way, Bandai Namco has not announced Code Vein is coming to Nintendo Switch. So far the game is only slated to release on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. However, a port to Nintendo’s console isn’t out of the question.

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In a GameSpot interview, Producer Keita Lizuka stated: “We are focusing on development for PS4, Steam, and Xbox 1. However, as far as the possibility of porting to the Switch, there might be a possibility down the line. We can’t really say for sure at this point.”

So, there’s not currently a Switch port of the game in production if we take Lizuka’s word at face value. However, the team hasn’t ruled out bringing Code Vein to Switch at some point.

However, at some point earlier this year, Bandai Namco’s Japanese website posted a EULA for a Code Vein Switch version. It’s entirely possible this was in error, but it could also point to a port in the works. Alternatively, it could indicate that a version was in development and didn’t pan out for some reason.

Seeing as Bandai Namco has faithfully ported many of their latest games, and a few classics, to the Nintendo Switch, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the game there at some point. While we don’t have any release date or even a confirmation that it’s in the works, if it’s technically feasible, the company only stands to gain from Code Vein on the Switch.