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How to Heal in Code Vein

Healing in Code Vein is unforgiving, and you’ll need to master it, or you’ll make it nowhere. Unlike most action RPGs, Code Vein doesn’t allow you access to a ton of healing items. Learning when and how to heal is essential, and it’s not as straight forward as it first seems.

How to heal in Code Vein

Code Vein Heal at Mystile

There are four ways to heal in Code Vein, and you’ll want to keep them all in mind as you explore the remains of a broken world. Each has its own place and also its own drawbacks.


Your primary form of healing in Code Vein is Regeneration. These work almost exactly like the Estus Flask in Dark Souls. Every time you visit a Mistile (the Code Vein equivalent of a bonfire) or defeat a Greater Lost, your Regeneration charges will be replenished. If you have a Regeneration handy, you can use it as an item, and it’ll heal a medium amount of damage.

As the game goes on, you’ll find items that will add additional Regeneration charges to your pool. This will allow you to explore further and longer and will help you to keep from backtracking to Mistiles for healing.

Regan Inducers

Regan Inducers heal a bit more than a Regeneration but are one-time use only. Unlike Regenerations, once these are gone, there’s no getting them back. These items are relatively rare, and when you do find them, they’re either expensive (in terms of trading points) or guarded by a powerful enemy.

You’re best off not popping a Regan Inducer unless you’re fighting a boss. These items can be immensely useful during fierce battles, and most of the time, it’s worth dying and walking back to pick up your lost haze rather than use them.


Certain gifts can heal your character or those in your party. However, there’s usually a drawback to using them. For example, the Astrea can use the Guardian Aid gift to heal their partners at the expense of their own HP.

Depending on the gift, you’ll want to make sure to hold off on using it until the perfect time. Guardian Aid might heal your friends, but too many uses will lead to your demise.


Finally, the best way to heal: Mistiles. These blood-fueled bushes will automatically heal you when you rest at them. They also refill your regeneration charges, in addition to having a whole host of functions.

Mistiles are the only free heal you’ll get in Code Vein, but even they have drawbacks. Whenever you use one all the regular enemies in the game will respawn. However, whenever you see a Mistile, you should probably use it. They’re typically located few and far between and seeing one is the hallmark of coming hardship.