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Code Vein | Is there co-op split-screen or online multiplayer?

In Code Vein, co-op multiplayer is a possibility and one you might want to take advantage of if the going gets too tough. Whether or not you can play through the campaign co-op with a friend really depends on whether you’re looking for online multiplayer or couch co-op. Fortunately, we’ve figured out all the details on how online co-op works in Code Vein and whether or not there are split-screen multiplayer options.

Is there online co-op in Code Vein?

Online co-op is one of Code Vein‘s highly touted features, and it works a lot as it does in Dark Souls. If you choose to play online when starting your game, you can enter the field menu, open multiplayer, and decide to send a rescue signal to other players. If someone matching the right conditions is found, they can be summoned to help you out.

Alternative, if you choose to receive rescue signals from other players, you can respond to requests for help. This will transport you into another player’s game, and you can assist them.

Does Code Vein have a co-op campaign?

There are some caveats to Code Vein‘s co-op feature. As such, you won’t be able to play the whole campaign with another player. You can only use a rescue summon on fields you haven’t cleared. So, if you’ve finished an area and return to explore or grind for XP and items, you can’t summon another player.

The restriction above means that while you can experience a lot of the story with another player, you won’t be able to enjoy the whole game with them.

Is there split-screen in Code Vein for local co-op?

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t support couch co-op. There are no local multiplayer options, and if you want to play with a friend, it’ll have to be online.

Code Vein split-screen just doesn’t exist, and given the way the multiplayer is set up, it likely won’t be patched in.