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Code Vein Cathedral of Blood Sealed Doors | How to open the winged doors

In Code Vein, there are sealed doors in the Cathedral of Blood that don’t open via normal means. These doors have wings etched into them and don’t have any nearby levers that open them like most locked doors in the game do. Instead, these winged doors must be unsealed by special means.

How do you open the sealed doors in the Cathedral of Blood in Code Vein?

Both the Gated Room and Inner Tower Mistiles have sealed doors nearby that you can’t open the first time through. In Code Vein, most locked doors can be opened by reaching the other side of them via an alternate route and pulling a lever. These typically serve as shortcuts that make exploration easier and makes returning to your previous location quicker if you die.

Code Vein Sealed Door Gated Ruin

The two doors in the Gated Room and Inner Tower areas are different. For one, they have a bunch of wings etched into them that sets them apart from the other locked doors in the Cathedral of Blood.

Code Vein Sealed Door Inner Tower Cathedral of Blood

You don’t have to open the sealed doors the first time through the areas. In fact, you can’t. You won’t gain the power to do so until you reach the end of the Cathedral of Blood and fight the boss.

Once you reach the Crypt of the Ribcage, you’ll have to fight the Successor of the Ribcage. Once you beat her, your character will encounter their first Queen Relic. When they interact with it, the Successor of the Ribcage is healed from their frenzied state and reveals how to unseal the winged doors.

Once you gain the power to unseal the winged doors in Code Vein, you’ll need to go through the one in the Inner Tower first. The sealed door in the gated room leads to an elevator which takes you to a door you can’t unlock yet. Instead, you’ll need to go to the Inner Tower, unseal the door, and use the purple Mistle teleport to be whisked to Ridge of Frozen Souls.