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Mario Kart Tour Download Size | How big is the install size?

The Mario Kart Tour download size is relatively hefty for a mobile game, with the game requiring you to both perform an initial install along with performing a separate data download. Available now on iOS and Android, those excited for the game are left wondering: “How much free space do I need to download Mario Kart Tour?

Mario Kart Tour Download Size | How much free space do I need?

You’ll need to perform two separate Mario Kart Tour downloads in order to play the game. The first will be your initial installation of the game on iOS and Android. This comes in at 128 MB. After this is downloaded, you’ll be able to unlock your first racer and play the tutorial.

The second install for Mario Kart Tour has a heftier download size. This is the data download, which allows you to experience the full game. This data download is 239 MB, and you’ll need to perform it in order to access the main game.

This means that the Mario Kart Tour download size comes in at a whopping 367 MB. To put that into perspective, Pokemon Go currently has an install size of 286.8 MB, so right out of the gate Mario Mart Tour is a substantial download.

Given Mario Kart Tour‘s hefty install size, you’re going to want to be using a WiFi network before you get started. Such a substantial download will severely eat up your mobile data, so make sure you’re using your home network before you get started.

While this big download may be an issue for some, others are finding that they can’t get into the game at all. Mario Kart Tourpreventing players from accessing the game as a result of a high level of interest‘s launch is currently being hit by a server error, which is . Hopefully, the big download size and these problems won’t put players off experiencing the first Mario Kart mobile game.