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How to Play Mario Kart Tour Multiplayer

Is Mario Kart Tour multiplayer? Those who have just downloaded the new Mario Kart mobile game are wondering how to play Mario Kart Tour multiplayer. Considering that playing with friends has always been the main selling point of the MK series, many are hoping that the same goes for the new game, too. Unfortunately, the answer is complicated and more than a little disappointed

Is Mario Kart Tour Multiplayer?

is mario kart tour multiplayer

The short answer is: no. Mario Kart Tour does not have any multiplayer at the time of this writing. The game is currently a single-player only experience, but eventually, a multiplayer mode is coming.

In the game’s menus, there is a section which outlines all of the features that will become available “in a future version update.” This includes a shop, challenges, and yes, multiplayer and a dedicated friends list.

However, it hasn’t been confirmed when this multiplayer update will release. The menu simply states that the mode is “Inbound!” with no further clarification on when its release date will be.

Considering that many will have been hoping to play Mario Kart Tour with their friends at launch, this is disappointing news. Multiplayer is Mario Kart‘s bread and butter, which makes it a glaring omission on Nintendo’s part.

There’s also no saying what its multiplayer mode will consist of. For the time being, there are no details on how Mario Kart Tour will approach multiplayer, and if it will be limited to races or if the series’ familiar battles will make a comeback.

Still, with various single-player tours being available for players to sink their teeth into, there’s still plenty to do without the presence of multiplayer. With that being said, we imagine that multiplayer will significantly spice up the mobile action and some may be turned off by the lack of online play at launch, so Nintendo would be wise to hurry up with the update and get mobile Mario Kart players together sooner rather than later.