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Mario Kart Tour Items List | All items and what they do

Our Mario Kart Tour items list will tell you everything you need to know about which iconic power-ups are in the game and what function they serve. So if you’ve been wondering how best to make use of a Bob-omb or what exactly Banana Barrels do, you’re in the right place! Here are all items in Mario Kart Tour.

Mario Kart Tour Items List | All items and what they do

Mario Kart Tour Items List

Items are randomly acquired by coming into contact with item boxes littered around tracks and can be used in the following ways:


  • The banana can be held to protect you from a single attack to the rear or dropped as a slippery obstacle for opponents.

Giant Banana

  • This functions in much the same way as the standard banana, but when it’s first hit it breaks down into three smaller bananas.

Green Shell

  • Keep hold of this item to protect yourself from an attack to the rear, or fire it straight ahead to hinder any kart that it hits.

Triple Green Shells

  • These revolve around your kart and can be thrown in a straight line individually by swiping up or down, or all at once by tapping.

Red Shell

  • Hold it to cover your back, or fire it off to home in on an unlucky opponent.

Spiny Shell

  • Seeks out the racer in pole position, bashing any racers that might come into its path in the process.

Bowser’s Shell

  • Much like it’s owner, this large shell is nasty due to its ability to keep going after hitting a kart and take out multiple opponents.


  • After being dropped a Bob-omb will walk towards rival racers and explode when touched or after a certain amount of time has elapsed, crashing anybody caught up in the blast.

Double Bob-ombs

  • These serve the same function as standard Bob-ombs, bringing double trouble to the track.


  • Using a mushroom quite simply gives you a speed boost.

Triple Mushrooms

  • You’ll use all three at once for a longer-lasting speed bost.

Mega Mushroom

  • Grows you to a large size and allows for crash through opponents for a limited time (or until hit with an item).

Bullet Bill

  • Temporarily turn into a Bullet Bill and zoom forwards at speed, knocking other racers out of the way.


  • Shoots obstructive ink on the screens of drivers ahead of you, which they’ll need to physically swipe away.


  • Call down lightning bolts to strike opponents, in the process spinning them out, destroying any held items, plus shrinking and slowing them down.

Fire Flower

  • You’ll gain three fireballs that can be thrown forward or backwards individually, or all at once by tapping.

Boomerang Flower

  • Throwing the boomerang will cause it to spin out any karts that it hits, and also collect any coins it comes into contact with.

Super Horn

  • This incredibly loud item will blow away any racers in your vicinity and can also be used to defend against incoming items.


  • One coin is actually worth two, and these automatically apply to your total once gathered. They don’t serve any purpose during a race.


  • This item revolves around your chosen vehicle for a limited time and will protect you from a single attack. Provided you can find enough, up to five Hearts can be stacked at once.

Yoshi’s Egg

  • Like the Red Shell this will home in on the kart in front of you, but Yoshi’s Egg will then release three more items when it breaks.


  • Surrounds your kart with a protective shield for a limited time (or until damaged by an item), while also granting a speed boost and causing you to float when airborne.

Banana Barrels

  • This makeshift pair of cannons continuously fire bananas ahead for a limited amount of time.

Mushroom Cannon

  • Instead of bananas, this legit cannon fires mushroom in front of you for a set time.

Lucky Seven

  • This rare item grants seven additional items — Red Shell, Banana, Green Shell, Bob-omb, Super Horn, Mushroom, and Blooper — to the lucky recipient. They can then be used individually or all at once.

Now that you know exactly what all 25 Mario Kart Tour items do, it’s time to implement your new knowledge on the track and start winning some races!