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Pokemon Go World Tourism Day Event | Start time, Shiny Seviper, Mime Jr debut

The inaugural Pokemon Go World Tourism Day event is almost here, Trainers. In collaboration with the United Nations World Tourism Organization, Niantic’s ARG will be getting a special event in celebration of the festivities. Things on offer to you for this event include the chance to catch a shiny Seviper, hatch Mime Jr from eggs, and much more. If you want to know the start time for this, you’ll have to read our Pokemon Go World Tourism Day event guide. It’s packed with all of the information you need, so get your eyeballs around it.

Pokemon Go World Tourism Day Event | End date

Pokemon Go World Tourism Day Event

Now that we’ve piqued your interest, let’s see when the Pokemon Go World Tourism Day event will kick off. It starts at 1 PM PT, 4 PM ET, and 8 PM BST on Thursday, September 26. This is in line with World Tourism Day, so it stands to reason to start it on this date.

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As for when it’ll end, the celebration’s curtain will fall on Tuesday, October 1. It’ll finish at the same time that it started in your time zone, so you’ll have five days to make the most of what’s on offer. As for what is on offer, take a look below.

Pokemon Go World Tourism Day Event | Extra XP and Field Research rewards

Pokemon Go World Tourism Day Event

One big announcement is that this event will finally see the arrival of Mime Jr. It’ll be available to hatch from 5km eggs in Europe, and if you’re lucky, you might even get a shiny variety. Other shiny Pokemon available to catch are shiny Seviper and shiny Zangoose, so you’ll have plenty of searching to do if you want to add these to your Pokedex.

As for what else you can enjoy, trading Pokemon will cost one quarter less to do. You’ll also earn twice as much XP from spinning PokeStops, and special themed Field Research tasks will give you rewards if you complete them in time.

Finally, region-specific Pokemon can be hatched from 5km eggs, too. The likes of Tauros, Heracross, Volbeat, and Heatmor can be gained from these eggs, so get your walking shoes on and see what you can hatch.