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Code Vein | Where to use maps

While exploring in Code Vein, you’ll find maps. It’s not immediately apparent what you can do with these items, but Code Vein maps can lead you to some interesting locations. Here’s what to do with maps and how to use them to get some sweet bonus items.

Where do you use maps in Code Vein?

Code Vein First Map Location

You’ll get your first map in Code Vein by talking to Shang the trader. Once you visit your Home Base for the first time, you’ll have to return to the Outer Crossroads in the Ruined City Underground. When you get there, you’ll notice Shang has taken up residence. When you speak to him, he’ll give you Map: Den of Darkness.

After receiving the map, a tooltip will pop up about “Accessing the Depths.” These maps can be used to explore non-story focused areas where you can fight enemies to gain more haze and items. To use these maps, you’ll have to return to Home Base and talk to Davis.

Code Vein Maps Davis Head to the Depths

When you speak to Davis, the big dude in the armor next to the weapon shop in your Home Base, you can choose to “Head to the Depths.” When you select this option, you’ll be shown a menu showing which destinations you can choose from. Each of these represents one of the maps you’ve found while exploring.

Each of the depths areas is similar. You’ll spawn in near a Mistile in a central area. In this section of the dungeon, there’ll be a door locked with two or more keys. You’ll find the keys by exploring the branching paths leading from this central area. At the end of each of these paths is a wilted Mistile that reveals the map as well as a miniboss. Once you explore each branch and gather the keys, you must return to the central area and unlock the door. Here, there’ll be a boss. It can either be a stronger version of a regular enemy or sometimes its a tougher form of a boss you faced in the main story.

By completing map locations, you’ll get materials and Vestiges. Since these areas don’t scale, you can wait to tackle them if you find them too tough the first time around. The disadvantage is that some of the items and materials you get from completing the depths may not be useful later in the game.