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Code Vein | How to get more Regeneration charges and make them stronger

You’ll want to get more Regeneration charges in Code Vein as soon as possible. Furthermore, you’ll want to increase how much each Regeneration charge heals. Both of these things are possible, and finding the items you need is a significant goal when you’re out exploring.

How to get more Regeneration uses in Code Vein.

To ger more Regeneration charges in Code Vein, you’ll need to be on the lookout for an item called Regen Extension Factor. These rare usables increase the number of times you can use Regeneration by one.

Once you have a Regen Extension Factor, they’re easy to use. Just equip them to your item bar in the menu, then once you’re back in the game, use the directional pad to switch to it and hit the item use button. You’ll gain an additional Regeneration charge, and you’re good to go.

How to make Regeneration stronger and heal more HP in Code Vein

In addition to gaining more uses of Regeneration, you can increase its potency. By finding the Regen Activation Factor item, you can permenantly increase your regenerative power. This might make even more of a difference than simply having more Regeneration charges and is a huge help, especially later in the game.

Where can you find Regen Extension Factors and Regen Activation Factors in Code Vein?

You’ll find some Regen Extension Factors early on in Code Vein, while the Regen Activation Factors only start popping up once you’ve hit the Cathedral of Blood. Both items are typically guarded by strong enemies, so you’ll have to be careful when attempting to find them.

These two powerful items are usually surrounded by small sprigs of white plants. Once you defeat their guardian, you can pick them up like any other item. There’s very little fanfare surrounding the Regan Factors, so you’ll have to keep a close eye out when attempting to find them. Just make sure to explore each area thoroughly, and you’ll no doubt run into them.