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How to play Mario Kart Tour Coin Rush mode

You’ve probably seen the elusive Coin Rush Mario Kart Tour mode mentioned in the game, though you may find yourself wondering how exactly to access it in its seeming conspicuous absence from any menus. Don’t worry; here’s everything you need to know on where Mario Kart Tour Coin Rush mode is hiding, what’s required to play it, and what exactly the mode entails.

How to play Coin Rush mode in Mario Kart Tour

Coin Rush Mario Kart Tour

Before you can play the Mario Kart Tour Coin Rush mode you’ll first need to complete your first Cup within the mobile racing game, which will consist of four events. After doing so you’ll be gifted 20 free Rubies (premium currency) and shown how to spend five of them in order to “fire off the Pipe” and receive a random driver, kart, or glider. If you don’t like to leave things to luck, however, your Rubies might be better spent on playing a round of Coin Rush in the future instead.

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By touching your Coins total in the top center of the screen on your Android or iOS device, you’ll prompt the game to present a pop-up that’ll allow you to spend Rubies on accessing Coin Rush mode. Your options are as follows:

  • Coins x2 for five Rubies
  • Coins x6 for 15 Rubies
  • Coins x10 for 25 Rubies

These Coin multipliers allow you to quickly rack up moolah by racing around a Coin-filled track as Gold Mario, a version of the eponymous plumber that draws in nearby Coins over quite a large distance. By aiming for the center of each group of Coins you’ll absorb every last one in the cluster and should continue to do so until the end of the event, at which point the game will multiply your spoils by the relevant tier you bought in at (x2/x6/x10).

Your Coin hoard can then be spent via the in-game shop on select daily items, eliminating the element of luck introduced by using the Pipe to acquire new items. As such, the Coin Rush Mario Kart Tourmode can prove to be quite lucrative.