Mario Kart Tour Combos Explained | How to combo and earn bonus points

Mario Kart Tour combos will allow you to earn bonus points, which can then be used as part of your final race total in order to gain more golden stars. Here’s how to combo in Mario Kart Tour, and how to gain bonus points in order to earn more stars and progress through new Mario Kart mobile game. Nice, Great, Excellent, and Fantastic combos in Mario Kart Tour each help you to progress in the game, and without knowing how to chain them together, you’ll be left struggling for points in the tougher races.

Mario Kart Tour Combos Explained | Nice, Great, Excellent, and Fantastic

Mario Kart Tour combos are divided between Nice, Great, Excellent, and Fantastic. You can achieve each tier of combo by performing a set number of combos in a limited time:

  • Nice combo: 4 combos
  • Great combo: 5 combos
  • Excellent combo: 7 combos
  • Fantastic combo moves: 9 combos

If you take too long between actions that would improve your combo score, your combo will end.

Mario Kart Tour Combos Explained | How to combo

Combo moves encompass a wide variety of the actions you perform in Mario Kart Tour. Pretty much everything aside from moving forwards can become part of your combo, from drifting through to hitting boost ramps.

Below is a list of all the moves that can be used in a combo:

  • Drifting: Boosting after a drift will earn you bonus points and increase your combo score
  • Boosting: Hitting boost pads/ramps
  • Overtaking: Increasing your position in a race
  • Items: Successfully using items such as shells or mushrooms
  • Gliding: Remaining in the air for a lengthy period of time
  • Special moves: You’ll increase your combo score while you’re using your driver’s special move

Some of these moves will have a higher points value as part of your combo. For instance, a mini-boost (the first level of drift boost you can get) is only worth 5 points, whereas hitting a super boost will earn you considerably more.