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How to Change CC in Mario Kart Tour | How to choose speed and difficulty setting

Mario Kart Tour is out now, and we’ve seen plenty of people complaining how easy the game is, asking “how to change CC in Mario Kart Tour?” If you’re looking on information on how to change between 50cc, 100cc, 150cc, and 200cc, this is the guide for you. Read on to discover how to choose the difficulty setting in Mario Kart Tour. All the information you could ever need about changing the CC rating in Mario Kart Tour can be found below.

How to Change CC in Mario Kart Tour

How to change CC in Mario Kart Tour

Changing the CC rating in Mario Kart Tour couldn’t be easier. You will be given the option to choose your CC before the race starts, after you have picked your character, kart, and glider. Simply press the big button you see underneath the character and above the flashing “OK!” button. This will take you to the CC choice screen that you can see above. Choose whatever CC you want and then hit that OK button.

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Before you can choose between the four CC types, however, you will need to unlock them. Thankfully, this is easy to do. 50cc is the easiest difficulty and speed option in the game and is the one that you start with. You should unlock 100cc after reaching Player Level 2 and you should also unlock 150cc once you reach Player Level 3. You’ll need to play and win a few races before you unlock them, but it’s nothing too difficult. Unfortunately, the only way to unlock the highest difficulty and speed level, 200cc, is to purchase the Gold Pass ($5 a month).

The higher CC rating you choose, the more difficult the following race will be. You’ll not only find that it is faster, but that the opposition racers are more aggressive, too. The upside for choosing higher CC options, however, is that you will earn more points. This means that the higher the CC, the more likely it is that you should be able to earn all five Grand Stars.