Ghost Recon Breakpoint always online | Can you play Ghost Recon Breakpoint offline?

Many of those who pre-ordered Ghost Recon Breakpoint‘s special editions already have their hands on the game, but the official Ghost Recon Breakpoint release date is still a few days away. Ghost Recon Breakpoint‘s monetization model may have its community in outrage, but the promise of another Tom Clancy-inspired, multiplayer, open-world shooter on the horizon is still an intriguing prospect to fans of Ubisoft’s past titles. This has many wondering if you can you play Ghost Recon Breakpoint offline. This guide covers everything you need to know about whether or not Ghost Recon Breakpoint is always online.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint | Always online?

Ghost Recon Breakpoint _ Always online_

While Ghost Recon Wildlands included the option to play offline with A.I. teammates, Ghost Recon Breakpoint instead follows in the footsteps of Rainbow Six Siege and The Division. Ubisoft announced on Twitter in May that Ghost Recon Breakpoint requires an active internet connection while playing, and the game does not have A.I. teammates at launch. Fortunately, Ubisoft announced that Ghost Recon Breakpoint A.I. teammates are planned to be added further along the line during Ghost Recon Breakpoint‘s first year of content drops. It’s not clear whether Ubisoft’s addition of A.I. teammates will come with a full offline mode. It seems likely that including the ability to play with A.I.-controlled teammates instead of other players would negate the need for an internet connection, but it’s entirely possible that other elements of the game could necessitate internet access.

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Following the Ubisoft tweet, one fan started a petition, asking the company to add an optional offline mode to the game. “This is an unnecessary feature that will drastically degrade the experience for many players,” the fan, Brenden Dimitri, wrote. “Let’s let them know we want to be able to play their game with no boundaries!” The petition has almost 3,300 signatures as of writing, but it’s unlikely such an amount will have much of an impact on the game’s development.