Ghost Recon Breakpoint monetization is outraging the community with overpriced microtransactions

Ghost Recon Breakpoint isn’t officially available yet, but it’s already causing quite a fuss among the community. Ghost Recon Breakpoint monetization is the controversial topic at hand, with a player who purchased the Ultimate Edition checking out the Ghost Recon Breakpoint microtransactions and sharing his findings with other players.

One of the first things that players tend to do in a new game is take a tour through all the menus and options, with the in-game store being one of the compulsory stops. Early impressions aren’t exactly favorable to Ubisoft, to say the least, judging by the testimony from one Reddit user.

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Redditor u/Blinkk8704 investigated the Ghost Recon Breakpoint Ultimate Edition and his findings are causing quite a ruckus in the community. According to his report, most cosmetic items can only be bought with Ghost coins, the game’s premium currency. While you can earn Skell Credits by playing the game, the selection of items that you can purchase with these is very limited. On the contrary, Ghost coins will get you weapon blueprints and attachments, boosters, vehicles, the conveniently titled time savers, figures, and gear.

u/Blinkk8704 decided to do some math and his conclusions also point to overpriced Ghost Recon Breakpoint microtransactions. He says that if you want to purchase the Flycatcher Wolf figure, it will cost you “exactly $10.10 USD.” He adds that a single cosmetic item costs an average of $6 USD, and camos such as Multicam can only be found on Golem island, part of the endgame content.

Many players are approving his account, labeling Ghost Recon Breakpoint as a game with all the trappings of a “free to play title,” and that it is “designed to be a grindy mess since day one.” Other users fear that it will “turn into Anthem 2.0 if Ubisoft doesn’t do anything about it.”

Eventually, a few players who were disappointed by the Ghost Recon Breakpoint monetization system stated that they canceled their preorder.