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Rocket League Blueprints Release Date | Loot crate replacements, Credits currency, and the final Crate

Rocket League developer Psyonix has revealed the Rocket League loot crate replacement: Rocket League Blueprints. This new system is being implemented following Psyonix’s August announcement that it planned to remove the randomized Crate rewards from the game. Psyonix had previously made Crate drop rates viewable in-game, but the implementation of Blueprints will completely replace Crates. Read this guide to learn more about the Rocket League Blueprints release date and the new Credits currency, as well as details about the final Crate.

Rocket League Blueprints release date

Blueprints are Rocket League‘s answer for fans asking for an alternative reward system. In the past, obtaining rewards required players to purchase Keys ahead of time. Players could use these to open Crates, which dropped random rewards. The Blueprints system still has an element of randomization, but players will now always know what they’re getting when they put money into the game.

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After completing a match, players have a chance to obtain a Blueprint. Which Blueprint players get will be randomized, but once a Blueprint is received, players will know exactly the item they can create with it. Players will then be able to unlock the item contained within the Blueprint using a predetermined amount of the new premium Credits currency. If a player doesn’t want to pay for an item when its Blueprint drops, they can keep it in their inventory and choose to unlock it later. While no exact release date was revealed for the Blueprints, a Psyonix blog post said the feature will be added sometime in December.

Rocket League Blueprints | Credits, Keys, and the Item Shop

Rocket League Credits Keys Item Shop

Credits, as mentioned above, are used to unlock the items contained within Blueprints. These replace Keys and Decryptors, the currencies previously used to open Crates. In addition to unlocking Blueprint items, Credits will be used to upgrade to the Rocket Pass Premium and to buy content from the Item Shop, which will be added alongside Blueprints in December. The items available in the Item Shop will rotate every so often, and the shop’s inventory will include both new content and content from old Crates. Items obtained from the shop are permanently bound to your account, so they can never be traded.

Psyonix has not yet revealed prices for the new Credits currency. When the December Blueprints update releases, players’ Keys will automatically be converted into Credits, and any Crates remaining in players’ inventories will be converted to a Blueprint of the same series. Additionally, Psyonix announced that paid items obtained from Blueprints, the Item Shop, and Crates will no longer be compatible with the Trade-In system when the December update drops.

Rocket League | Vindicator Crate

Rocket League Vindicator Crate

Rocket League‘s final Crate series is called the Vindicator Crate. (Note: The definition of “vindicator” is something that clears someone of blame or suspicion.) The Vindicator Crate will become available this Thursday, October 3. The Crate features the Sentinel Battle-Car and the Neuro-Agitator Goal Explosion.