Does Call of Duty Mobile have bots?

You may be wondering if Call of Duty Mobile bots is a thing in the mobile phone FPS title. There’s some confusion as to whether people are playing, well, other people or if they’re facing off against AI enemies. There’s been no official word from publisher Activision or developers Tencent and Timi Studios if bots are present in CoD Mobile.

Players, though, think that they must be as it’s been too easy to take down opponents during some matches. To find out an answer to the question “Does Call of Duty Mobile have bots?“, you’ll have to check out our Call of Duty Mobile bots guide.

Are there bots in Call of Duty Mobile?

Call of Duty Mobile bots

Let’s take a look at how this Call of Duty Mobile bots issue surfaced. The game was only released on October 1 but, as we stated above, those playing the game are unsure if there is a PvP mode or matchmaking available in the mobile spin-off title.

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You only need to search for “bots” on the game’s Reddit page to see that there are numerous threads asking these questions. One thread, started by user ObitoFamon, revealed that they went 38-0 with a sniper rifle and unlocked the option to launch a nuclear bomb. Given that other Call of Duty games aren’t this easy to master, they wondered if they were facing bots instead of real people.

As it turns out, yes, bots are present in the game. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t fight other players in a PvP game type. Call of Duty Mobile does have a multiplayer option, so you can go toe to toe with other players.

There are two multiplayer modes called Ranked and Casual. You need to select Ranked mode to be able to play against real people. If you choose Casual or a public match, you’ll come across bots and make them the whipping boys.