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Pokemon Go A Colossal Discovery | Start time and Regigigas encounter

Well well well, it looks like data miners have unearthed the Pokemon Go A Colossal Discovery event before its official launch day. Leaked information from the game’s files suggests that its start time is very near and that a Regigigas encounter might occur as part of it. Color us excited even if we don’t sound it. If you’re intrigued by this new information, you’ll have to read our Pokemon Go A Colossal Discovery guide. It’ll tell you when the limited-time event’s end date is and what possible field research tasks you need to complete. Read on, Trainer, to prepare for this special event.

Pokemon Go A Colossal Discovery | Start time and end date

Pokemon Go A Colossal Discovery

To kick things off, let’s have a gander at the event’s start date and end time. Technically, there’s nothing official on this yet as Niantic hasn’t announced it. However, prominent leaker Chrales has jumped the gun and revealed when it’s likely to be.

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Posting on their Twitter account, Chrales stated that files in the game’s code suggest a November 2 release date for this event. A new item, called “Ticket: A Colossal Discovery” was found in the files, and suggests that an 11 AM local start time will usher this limited event in. It’ll only last eight hours, so you’ll need to complete whatever tasks are set before 7 PM local time on Saturday, November 2.

Pokemon Go A Colossal Discovery | Regigigas Raid

Pokemon Go A Colossal Discovery

If you happen to complete the Pokemon Go A Colossal Discover field research, it’s expected that you’ll encounter the, well, Colossal Pokemon known as Regigigas. The normal-type Pokemon could appear as a five-star Raid battle due to its legendary status. It would be remiss of Niantic to just chuck it out as a normal encounter for players to catch, after all.

As for what field research you’ll have to conduct, we have no information on that yet. Once we learn more nearer to the event, we’ll update this guide.