How to get 5 total Mario Kart Tour Slipstream boosts

Mario Kart Tour Slipstream boosts are the focus of the mobile game’s latest challenge, with it asking you to do a total of 5 Slipstream boosts to earn two gold stars as part of its Tour Challenges 2 line-up. So how do you do Sliptream boosts in Mario Kart Tour? Well, Slipstream boosts can be difficult to perform considering that the mobile Mario Kart has auto-acceleration enabled, making this challenge more difficult than you might expect. Let’s take a look at how to complete this new challenge:

What are Mario Kart Tour Slipstream boosts?

Slipstream boosts give you a burst of speed if you tail a rival driver for long enough. It’s basically drafting, with you getting a small boost for sticking behind one of your rivals. In Mario Kart Tour, you can do a Slipstream boost by way of hanging back behind your opponents, sticking to the back of their kart until you’re propelled forward.

Slipstream boosts are indicated by wind hurtling over the front of your kart. After you stay locked in behind them for long enough, you’ll be given a short boost of speed.

How to complete ‘Do a total of 5 Slipstream Boosts’ challenge in Mario Kart Tour

There are a few steps you should take in order to more easily complete this challenge:

  1. Pick Mario Circuit 1 as the track
  2. Choose 50cc as the difficult setting
  3. Use the sand and obstacles to prevent you from staying in first place

You won’t be able to get the Slipstream boost in first place, so you’ll need to hang back in order to do so. Mario Circuit 1’s sandy surroundings make this an easy task, as you’ll be able to slow your auto-accelerating kart down. It’s also a simple track, meaning that you can easily stay in the middle of the pack in order to boost from a bunch of different drivers.

50cc is the easiest difficulty setting in Mario Kart Tour, and its slower pace will give you more time to position yourself behind other drivers. You should be able to rack up all 5 Slipstream boosts in a single race, if you keep to the back or middle of the pack.