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Destiny 2: Shadowkeep all Jade Rabbit figure locations | Rice Cake quest guide

Image Source: niitq/YouTube

Soon after Destiny 2: Shadowkeep launched, players began discovering strange bunny figurines hidden throughout the new Moon destination. Longtime Destiny fans will recognize these as a reference to the Jade Rabbit, the namesake of an emblem found on the original Destiny’s Moon and an exotic scout rifle later introduced into Destiny 1 and Destiny 2. When interacting with the Jade Rabbit statues, they tell Guardians, “You lack something.” Players began searching to figure out what the Jade Rabbits are for, and they’ve discovered it has something to do with the new Tasty Rice Cake item and the Jade Rabbit room hidden beneath the Moon spawn point. In this guide, we’ll cover all known information about the Destiny 2 Jade Rabbits quest, including all Jade Rabbit locations.

Destiny 2 Jade Rabbit quest | “You lack something” solution

Destiny 2 Jade Rabbit quest _ “You lack something” solution

When approaching the Jade Rabbit figurines, players will see the message, “You lack something.” Destiny 2 Reddit users speculated about what this could be, but eventually found that the rabbits require you to give them a Rice Cake consumable. Giving a rabbit one of these rice offerings will reward you with items like Phantasmal Cores, used in item crafting at the Lectern of Enchantment rune table.

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Once you’ve given a rabbit the offering, it will disappear from its current location. Heading to the Jade Rabbit room hidden beneath Eris Morn at the Moon destination spawn point, you’ll see that the figurine has teleported there. The room contains 10 podiums where the rabbit figures could fit. One Jade Rabbit is already in the room when you spawn on the Moon, so it seems there are just nine figures scattered around the destination. Players speculated that filling all 10 podiums with Jade Rabbit figures will likely unlock the door with the Jade Rabbit emblem printed on it, but so far only one reward has been discovered. We’ll cover that at the end of this guide.

Destiny 2 Jade Rabbit quest | How to get Rice Cakes

Destiny 2 Jade Rabbit quest _ How to get Rice Cakes

So far, Rice Cakes are only known to be found as random drops throughout the Moon. Players have found them as RNG drops in chests, but it’s possible for them to drop from Helium Filament clusters as well. It seems Rice Cake drops are limited to one per character, per week, so in order to collect a significant amount of them in a reasonable time, you’ll have to hunt for one on each of your three character slots each week. Reddit user u/A_Vengeful_Arch was able to collect nine Rice Cakes by Shadowkeep’s second week by finding a Rice Cake, deleting the character that found it, and then creating a new character and doing it all over again, so consider that option if you’re looking to fast-track your rabbit collection.

Destiny 2 Jade Rabbit quest | All Jade Rabbit locations

Destiny 2 Jade Rabbit quest _ All Jade Rabbit locations

Like the cats hidden around the Dreaming City in Destiny 2: Forsaken, the Destiny 2 Jade Rabbit figures make a jingling sound (similar to the sound chests and resources give off) when you approach them, which can make discovering them a little easier. Thanks to YouTuber niitq, we already know all nine Jade Rabbit locations. We’ll list each below, but keep in mind you’ll need nine Rice Cakes in order to actually collect these.

Chamber of Night

A rabbit can be found on top of a rock formation in the Chamber of Night cave, near the Anchor of Light location on the map.

Sorrow’s Harbor

This rabbit can be found sandwiched between two black, barnacle-covered Hive pillars leaned up against a red Hive structure in the northwestern part of the Sorrow’s Harbor area.


At the stone balcony (with the two green light fixtures) overlooking the Hellmouth on its southern side, turn away from the Hellmouth and head up the hill to your left. Once you’re near the metal ramp that leads over the glowing green canyon, turn right and follow the canyon’s left edge. You’ll see a rabbit sitting on a small chair near a purple tarp.

Anchor of Light

Head to the building (which was a Destiny 1 multiplayer map) covered with the large purple tarp near the Anchor of Light location and use your jumping ability to climb to the building’s roof. There’s a rabbit up there facing the Fallen pod with a screen.

K1 Logistics Lost Sector

Head into the K1 Logistics Lost Sector, located in the Archer’s Line area. Once you’ve defeated all the enemies, head past the Lost Sector chest into the purple tarp-covered building. You’ll see a rabbit figure on the right, facing one of the cats from the Dreaming City.

Archer’s Line

Also in the Archer’s Line area, you’ll find a round building with a broken black dome roof sitting near a radio tower. In one of the rooms there, you’ll find a Jade Rabbit hidden in a corner behind some crates.

Shrine of Oryx

In the Shrine of Oryx, located on the western side of the Hellmouth, a Jade Rabbit sits overlooking an endless pit. After you exit a hallway filled with large, reddish cables, look to the window-like structures to your left. The rabbit is on a ledge facing these openings.

Circle of Bones

The final rabbit is located in the Circle of Bones, near the Hellmouth’s southeastern edge. After a room lit with orange lighting, you’ll come to a room with small green lights dangling from the ceiling. Head left, into the dark, dirty area beneath the raised platform. The rabbit is sitting on the right side.

Destiny 2 Jade Rabbit quest | Jade Rabbit collecting reward

Destiny 2 Jade Rabbit quest _ Jade Rabbit collecting reward

When Reddit user u/A_Vengeful_Arch (who we mentioned above) turned in all nine Rice Cakes, they discovered that a seemingly unfinished prompt would show up each time they returned to the Jade Rabbit room. The prompt returns a Jade Rabbit to its pedestal. Since A_Vengeful_Arch collected the rabbits early, it’s possible the unfinished prompt was a bug, but it’s unknown if the prompt text is still glitchy.

Upon replacing all the rabbits, A_Vengeful_Arch received a Triumph called “Let Them Eat Rice Cakes,” but nothing else. Even after Shadowkeep’s third week rolled around, A_Vengeful_Arch said nothing else came of the quest, and Reddit user u/Nakorson, who completed the quest after the reset, also confirmed that the only reward was the Triumph. A_Vengeful_Arch even said they received yet another Rice Cake, despite already turning nine in, though that could just be a result of them deleting characters to collect that number early.

(Note: In order to get the Triumph, you should only turn in Rice Cakes on one character, even if you’ve collected them on multiple characters. Since turning in Rice Cakes on separate accounts won’t get all the rabbits into the same Jade Rabbit room, it won’t count as complete.)

Given that collecting all Dreaming City cats rewarded armor and a special emblem, the Triumph-only reward is pretty anticlimactic. It’s possible that Bungie could add further steps to the quest as time goes on, however, maybe even leading to the Jade Rabbit room door opening.

It could end up providing an emblem or other cosmetic reward, but it’s also possible the Jade Rabbit room door will reveal a new Daito weapon. In Destiny 2’s fiction, Daito is the weapon manufacturer that created both the Jade Rabbit and the Two-Tailed Fox. Since the latter was given away as a Destiny 2: Shadowkeep pre-order bonus, it seems Bungie is already bringing players’ attention to the manufacturer. Additionally, Reddit user u/dynamicsearchguy discovered that the Daito room in the Tower has been blocked off, so it’s possible that this is related to the Jade Rabbit figure quest.

Interestingly, although it’s not listed on the Bungie store, it appears Bungie is going to release a real-life Jade Rabbit figure for purchase that looks identical to the in-game figurines. While perhaps unlikely, these figures could be locked behind a huge paywall until an in-game task (i.e. the rabbit figure quest) is completed, just like Bungie often does with IRL Raid rewards.