Call of Duty Mobile Offline Mode | Can I only play online?

It seems that there has been a number of players wondering if there is a Call of Duty Mobile offline mode. The latest entry in the franchise for iOS and Android devices is an online affair if you want to take part in PvP matches. If you’d prefer not to, however, you’ll want to know if an offline game type is available to try out. You’ll want to read our Call of Duty Mobile offline mode guide if that’s the case. Check it out below to get a definitive answer to your query, soldier.

Is Call of Duty Mobile Offline Mode available?

Call of Duty Mobile Offline Mode

As we stated above, Call of Duty Mobile is an online game. As such, there is the potential that a Call of Duty Mobile offline mode just doesn’t exist. Developers Tencent and Timi Studios, plus publisher Activision, will want players to square off against one another online. This would allow the game to feel like a quintessential Call of Duty title.

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As it happens, this is the only mode they’ve gone for. So, for clarification, there is no offline game type that you can partake in. If you want to play this mobile phone game, you’ll have to play online. That can be against real people, bots, or a combination of the two. There isn’t an offline mode for you to play if you’re getting fed up with being killed by better players.

There’s always the potential for Tencent and Timi Studios to patch this game type through in the future. If there is enough clamor for it then we may very well see it one day. There are threads about an offline mode on the game’s Reddit page, so it’s always a possibility.

For now, however, you’ll have to face up to playing online if you wish to carry on playing Call of Duty Mobile.