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Destiny 2 A Loud Racket Quest | Get the Edgewise Ritual Weapon

Completing the A Loud Racket Pursuit in Destiny 2 will give you the Edgewise Ritual Weapon. A Loud Racket is one of the easier Ritual Weapon quests, and Edgewise is a powerful weapon that you’ll want to get your hands on. Read on below to find out who the A Loud Racket quest giver is, and the best way to complete the First Impressions quest step.

Get the A Loud Racket Quest in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 A Loud Racket Quest Zavala

The first step in the process of getting Edgewise is actually to pick up the quest. This part is easy. Just head to The Tower and speak with Commander Zavala. You’ll find A Loud Racket under the Pursuits tab.

How to complete the First Impressions step of A Loud Racket Pursuit in Destiny 2

So, Destiny 2 does you a bit dirty when it comes to giving you the actual numbers behind Pursuits. For A Loud Racket you’re given three goals:

  • Get Machine Gun final blows
  • Get Solar final blows
  • Score points in strikes

Each of these objectives is measured in a percentage, which masks the real numbers behind each objective. Here’s the bottom line on what you need to do to complete the First Impressions step and get Edgewise:

  • Machine Gun final blows: 1,000
  • Solar finals blows: 1,500
  • Strike points scored: 10,000

As you can see, there is a long road ahead of you if you want to complete this pursuit and get the Edgewise machine gun. However, this quest is at least pretty straightforward. Unlike some of the other Ritual Weapon missions, there’s nothing really tricky about any of the three goals. It just takes a while to accomplish them.

Destiny 2 Edgewise Machine Gun Stats

As a Ritual Weapon, Edgewise is one of the best non-exotic drops you can get in Destiny 2. We’ll give our example stats below. Yours may vary due to the randomness of stat rolls.

  • Edgewise
    • Solar Machine Gun
    • Uses Heavy Ammo
  • Weapon Stats:
    • Impact: 25
    • Range: 33
    • Stability: 38
    • Handling: 42
    • Reload Speed: 64
    • Rounds per Minute: 900
    • Magazine: 73
  • Hidden Stats:
    • Aim Assistance: 68
    • Weapon Size: 30
    • Zoom: 16
    • Recoil: 50
    • Bounce Intensity: 50
  • Perks:
    • Slot 1:
      • Rapid Fire Frame: Deeper ammo reserves. Slightly faster reload when the magazine is empty.
    • Slot 2:
      • Polygonal Rifling: Barrel optimized for recoil reduction. Increases stability.
    • Slot 3:
      • Light Mag: Improved reload and range. Increases reload speed. Slightly increases range.
    • Slot 4:
      • Feeding Frenzy: Kills with this weapon increase reload speed for a short time. Or,
      • Field Prep: Increased ammo reserves. Faster reload, stow, and ready when you’re crouching.
    • Slot 5:
      • Rampage: Kills with this weapon temporarily grant increased damage. Stacks 3x. Or,
      • Demolitionist: Kills with this weapon generate grenade energy. Activating your grenade ability reloads this weapon from reserves.
  • Mods:
    • Slot 1:
      • Masterwork Weapon: Maximized stats. Generates Orbs on multikills. Fitted with a kill tracker.
    • Slot 2: Legendary Weapon Mod Options
      • Boss Spec: Increases damage against bosses and vehicles.
      • Counterbalance Stock: Reduces recoil deviation for the weapon.
      • Backup Mag: Increases magazine.
      • Freehand Grip: Increases accuracy and ready speed while firing from the hip.
      • Icarus Grip: Improves accuracy while airborne.
      • Major Spec: Deals extra damage against powerful enemies.
      • Minor Spec: Deals extra damage against rank-and-file enemies.
      • Radar Tuner: Radar immediately returns when you stop aiming down sights.
      • Taken Spec: Increased damage against Taken enemies.
      • Targeting Adjuster: This weapon gains better target acquisition.
      • Radar Booster: Slightly increases the range at which radar detects enemies.
      • Sprint Grip: Temporarily increases the weapon’s ready speed and aim down sights speed after sprinting.
      • Rampage Spec: Increases duration of Rampage.
      • Dragonfly Spec: Increases the radius and damage of Dragonfly.
      • Surrounded Spec: Increases the damage granted by Surrounded. Bonus damage lingers for a brief time when no longer surrounded by three or more enemies.
      • Quick Access Sling: Swap weapons much faster for a short duration after emptying the magazine.

Recommended Build and Mods: This is a no-brainer. You should slap the Field Prep and Demolitionist perks on Edgewise along with a Backup Mag Legendary weapon mod. With this setup, your grenades are regularly being recharged by kills with Edgewise, and when you use a grenade, it refills a portion of the weapon’s ammo from reserves. If you pair this with armor that helps to recharge your grenades/abilities, you’ll be a bullet spraying, grenade chucking terror.