Can you increase PS Now resolution on PC?

While it’s awesome that PC players can now enjoy PlayStation games, the limited resolution can make for quite a blurry experience. 720p appears to be the maximum resolution available to PC players, no matter the resolution of the monitor being used. Trying to play PS Now games on a 1440p screen means will certainly be playable (assuming you can make out the action happening onscreen), but it certainly isn’t optimal. Can you increase PS now resolution on PC to stop it being blurry? Here’s what you need to know.

Can you increase PS Now resolution on PC?

increase PS Now resolution on PC

If you’re sick of squinting at the blurry mess of pixels that results from expanding a 720p PS Now window across your 4K monitor, or whatever resolution you’re working with, then you’ll no doubt be looking to crank up those graphics options to make things more crispy. Sadly, PlayStation isn’t yet allowing players to do that.

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At the time of writing, which is just after the PC release of PS Now, games can be streamed at a maximum resolution of 720p. What’s more, streamed games only support stereo audio, and so surround sound is not available.

While this may come as bit of a blow to those PC gamers who are used to higher resolutions like 1080p, 1440p, and 4K, the fact that these PlayStation exclusives are now available to play on PC, albeit in a rather limited fashion, is still a step forward. For those who really want to see what God of War is all about without shelling out the cash for a PS4, for example, the lower resolution may be bearable.

If 720p is too low for you, perhaps we’ll see PS Now support higher resolutions in the future. With PC compatibility having only just launched, it does leave room for improvements as the service matures.