Black Clover Episode 108 Release Date

It remains to be what magical powers Asta will uncover next when Black Clover episode 108 premieres soon. Aspiring mages should check out the guide below to know exactly where to catch this next chapter as soon as it premieres. Also included are the Black Clover episode 108 release date and times in the U.S. and U.K.

When is the Black Clover Episode 108 release date?

Black Clover Episode 108

Black Clover episode 108 will debut with Japanese audio before it receives an English dub, as the anime airs in Japan before it releases elsewhere. Thankfully, fans in the U.S. and U.K. don’t have to wait long to watch the episode after it launches in the Land of the Rising Sun. Both Crunchyroll and VRV simulcast this shonen anime, which means that English subtitles are available shortly after every episode airs in Japan. Black Clover chapters typically air on Tuesdays, which means that episode 108 will premiere on November 5.

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As of the time of this writing, episode 108’s release time is 3:30 AM Pacific/6:30 AM Eastern in the U.S. That’s right – Americans are going to have to wake up early to catch the chapter as soon as it launches. Fans in the U.K. don’t have to worry as much, as the episode will premiere there at 11:30 AM.

Once the relevant episode 108 thumbnail appears on the show’s dedicated page, simply click on it to watch the chapter in its entirely. The episode may not show up right away even after refreshing, but don’t worry. Sometimes it takes a few seconds for each website to update. Last-minute delays will be announced via social media, so keep a smartphone handy just in case.

Black Clover Episode 108 English dub release time

Black Clover Episode 108

We won’t sugarcoat this: Dub fans won’t be able to watch Black Clover episode 108 anytime soon. Adult Swim is about 14 episodes behind the current episode number, meaning episode 93 will debut on November 3. If there are no scheduling changes, the English audio version of episode 108 will launch next year on February 16, 2020.

Dubbed versions of Black Clover‘s episodes usually air at at 2:00 AM on Adult Swim no matter one’s timezone. Of course, each chapter can be viewed the next day via Funimation, as the site uploads these English voice-over versions as soon as they premiere on the channel.