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How to change classes in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

An in-game class system is not new. Classes often determine a character’s defining abilities, items, and special moves, which play a key component in helping players connect to their characters. In Ghost Recon: Breakpointthere are four different classes that players can choose from and change between as they progress through the game. We have put together a short guide explaining how to change classes in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Classes | How do I change my class?

change classes in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

Players will be able to change their class in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint once they have unlocked a secondary class. If you only have two classes unlocked, you will be able to freely change between the two that you have. As you progress through the game and unlock all four classes, you’ll be able to change between all four of them as you please. This means that you will be able to try out different play styles so you can find the one that fits you best. Once you’ve unlocked the ability to change classes, simple navigate your way to the Bivouac and select the Tactics option to change classes in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint.

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The four Ghost Recon: Breakpoint classes are Assault, Field Medic, Panther, and Sharpshooter. Each class has special techniques, items, and proficiencies that will allow players to approach the game from a different angle. Below is a short fact sheet about each of the classes to help you figure your ideal Breakpoint class.

  • Assault Class
    • Technique – Recoil reduction, damage resistance, and kills heal and extend duration (True Grit)
    • Items – Area Control Device
    • Proficiencies – Extra Health, AR and Shotgun bonuses
  • Field Medic Class
    • Technique – Heal and revive teammates (Healing Drone)
    • Items – Medkit
    • Proficiencies – Fast revive, carry bodies faster, self-revive
  • Panther Class
    • Technique – Disappear behind a smoke screen (Cloak & Run)
    • Item – Cloaking Drone
    • Proficiencies – Bonus stealth, faster movement speed, SMGs and Handguns not affected by reduced damage when using a suppressor
  • Sharpshooter Class
    • Technique – High penetration bullets with bonus damage and velocity (Armor Blaster)
    • Item – Sensor Launcher
    • Proficiencies – Longer breath control, Sniper and DMR bonuses

Now that you know how to change classes in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, what’s stopping you?