Fire Force Episode 14 Release Date

Will Shinra discover who killed his entire family in Fire Force episode 14? What Infernals will “Devil’s Footprints” and the rest of Special Fire Force Company 8 fight next? Fans may find out the questions to these questions during the show’s next chapter. Read on to learn the Fire Force episode 14 release date and times in the U.S. and U.K. and where to catch this newest episode as soon as it premieres.

When is the Fire Force episode 14 release date?

Fire Force episode 14

Fire Force‘s episodes premiere every Friday, meaning episode 14 should release on Friday, October 25. While special programming has interfered with the series’ schedule in the past, it seems like this newest chapter is set to launch on time.

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Because Fire Force is simulcast, U.S. and U.K.-based fans can check out episode 14 at the same time. The new chapter will launch 10:30 AM Pacific/1:30 PM Eastern in the U.S. People in the U.K. can check out the episode at 6:30 PM.

Fans who are perfectly fine with reading subtitles won’t have to choose between Crunchyroll and Funimation for episode 14’s premiere, as both as great options for viewing new Fire Force episodes on time.

To check out episode 14, fans simply need to click on the chapter’s thumbnail once it’s displayed. Refresh the page once it’s time for the episode to premiere. If its image doesn’t show up then, don’t panic. It could take a few minutes for new videos to be uploaded to each site.

Fire Force episode 14 English dub release time

Fire Force episode 14

Dub fans who want to enjoy Fire Force episode 14 in English should head over to Funimation. The website is the exclusive simuldub partner of the show, meaning new episodes are posted shortly after they debut in Japan. Fire Force episode 14 will be available with English audio at 10:30 AM PT/1:30 PM ET in the U.S. and 6:30 PM in the U.K. on Funimation. The dub won’t appear on Crunchyroll anytime soon, as Funimation paid for Fire Force‘s English voice-over.