Dr. Stone Episode 16 Release Date

Will Senku’s Kingdom of Science clash against Tsukasa’s Empire of Might in Dr. Stone episode 16? Fans should read on to find out where they’ll be able to watch the latest chapter in this captivating post-apocalyptic shonen saga. The Dr. Stone episode 16 release date and times in the U.S. and U.K can also be found below.

When is the Dr. Stone episode 16 release date?

Dr. Stone Episode 16

Unsurprisingly, episode 16 of Dr. Stone will be available with Japanese voice-over and English subtitles before it receives an official dub. The show is an anime, after all, and is thus made by a Japanese studio for Japanese broadcast. This next chapter should premiere on Friday, October 18.

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People in the U.S. and U.K. will be able to watch it at the same time, as it’s being simulcast all around the world. Episode 16 should arrive at 7:30 AM Pacific/10:30 AM Eastern for fans in the U.S., while folks in the U.K. can catch the show in the afternoon at 3:30 PM.

The best place to catch the episode is Crunchyroll. The streaming site is pretty good when it comes to airing new episodes on time. Once episode 16 appears on Dr. Stone‘s page, all fans need to do is click on the thumbnail to watch. If there’s a last-minute delay, Crunchyroll will let people know via social media.

Dr. Stone episode 16 English dub release time

Dr. Stone Episode 16

Dub fans will have to wait a little longer to enjoy Dr. Stone episode 16, as the chapter is set to debut with English voice-over on November 1. The best place to catch this episode’s dub is Funimation. People who don’t feel like spending money for a subscription can always watch this chapter for free on Toonami, though they should be warned that the channel is currently only up to episode 8. This means that episode 16 will premiere on Toonami on December 7.