Vinland Saga Episode 15 Release Date

The Danish are set to continue their invasion of England when Vinland Saga episode 15 arrives soon. Will King Cnut’s rise to power be cut short by Thorfinn and his crew? Anime fans won’t have to wait long to find out. Read on to discover the Vinland Saga episode 15 release dates and times in the U.S. and U.K. and where to catch the episode as soon as it premieres.

When is the Vinland Saga episode 15 release date?

Vinland Saga Episode 15

Fans need to go to Amazon Prime Video in order to catch Vinland Saga episode 15’s launch. The chapter will release early on Monday morning no matter one’s time zone. Indeed, episode 15 is set to premiere at 12 AM regardless of what country or coast one is residing on. Though fans in the U.K. will get to enjoy Vinland Saga episode 15 a little sooner than people in the U.S., at least everyone gets to watch the show’s newest chapter at some point.

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Fans should note that Vinland Saga is only available on Amazon Prime Video. In order to see the show and keep with each new episode, people will need to subscribe to the website for $8.99 a month in the U.S. and £5.99 a month in the U.K. Don’t expect Vinland Saga to appear on Crunchyroll or Funimation anytime soon, as Amazon paid for the rights to stream the show exclusively on Prime Video.

If episode 15 doesn’t appear right away, don’t worry. It sometimes takes a few minutes for the newest chapter in the series to show up on the anime’s page. If there’s a delay, Amazon Prime Video will notify fans via social media.

Vinland Saga episode 15 English dub release time

Vinland Saga Episode 15

There’s still no word on whether or not an English dub for Vinland Saga is in the pipeline. Amazon Prime Video currently offers Japanese audio with English subtitles. For now, this is the only way fans can enjoy the series. Here’s hoping that Amazon announces a voice-over cast sooner rather than later, as this show deserves to dubbed in as many different languages as possible.