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Destiny 2 Lunar Memoriam Emblem | Is it bugged?

For Destiny 2 collectors, Shadowkeep offers a ton of new opportunities to get that grind on. One complex quest centers around completing special bounties from Eris Morn that have you finding lost Ghosts on the Moon. Completing all these dead Ghost bounties is supposed to net you the Lunar Memoriam emblem. However, players are finding that even after completing all nine available lost Ghost bounties that the Lunar Memoriam emblem isn’t unlocking.

Is the Lunar Memoriam emblem not unlocking a bug in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 Lunar Memoriam Emblem

There are nine different lost Ghost bounties in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep. At least it’s assumed there are nine because that’s all that Eris will give you. To unlock these special bounties, you have to find items called Ghost Traces by first completing the Shadowkeep campaign and then completing activities on the Moon. In my experience, they’re scarce. However, players have reported them popping up after opening chests, completing public events, taking down high-value targets, and completing patrols.

It’s assumed that when you complete all nine that the Lunar Memoriam emblem will unlock. In the Collection screen, the emblem states that the unlock source is “Among the lost Ghosts of the Moon.” However, even after completing the nine bounties currently available, players report that they’re still finding Ghost Traces.

There’s a small chance that the Lost Memoriam emblem could be bugged. However, it’s more likely that there’s one or more lost Ghost bounties to complete. We may see more lost Ghosts introduced in the future as new content is added. Shadowkeep’s campaign ended on a cliffhanger, and Bungie has stated that it will be releasing content over time instead of in big drops. So, we’ll likely see a new area pop up in the next few months that will continue the story.

We’ll keep an eye out for more lost Ghosts as we play more Destiny 2. In the future, you can check this article to see if the Lunar Memoriam emblem is bugged or if its secret has been discovered.