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Fortnite Numbers Explained | What does 146, 62, 234, 11, 15 mean?

Fortnite numbers seem to be indicating what’s next for Epic Games’ battle royale, with many believing that coordinates are being displayed next to its black hole screen. The numbers 146, 1562, 234, 14, and 11 have each been spotted by players, offering cryptic clues as to what could be in store for Fortnite season 11. So what do these numbers mean? Let’s compile the theories.

Fortnite Numbers Explained | What do the coordinates mean?

There is no official word on what the numbers mean and why they’re being displayed near the black hole on the pre-menu screen. They’re clearly related to the upcoming season 11, which is set to launch later today, but there’s no concrete confirmation.

11 is almost definitely pointing towards season 11, but the other numbers are vaguer. Fortnite Twitter account @FortTory has pointed out that ‘SpookyNumbers’ is included in the game’s files, right after the file names ‘BlackHole_KaleidoscopeLens’ and ‘FinalImpact_HugeExplosion_Lobby,’ which players have just witnessed after being thrown out of the live event following its explosion:

Other internet sleuths believe it’s related to an IP address, though many feel this claim has been debunked as the related server isn’t linked to Epic Games. It’s also incredibly unlikely that Epic would point players in the direction of an IP address, given the problems this could potentially cause, so this theory should be considered tenuous at best.

The most curious theory behind the number comes from @MrDalekJD, who pointed out that searching a series of the number on Google Maps leads to a “crab rave” in Street View:

The ‘SpookyNumbers’ file listing would suggest the numbers are linked to a Halloween event. While ‘The End’ was cataclysmic enough that we’d suspect much more than some spooky skins when season 11 rolls around, the numbers could be pointing to the next seasonal event for the game.

While Fortnite is still unplayable at the time of this writing, we won’t have long to find out what those numbers mean. Epic should be getting the game up and running sooner rather than later, so we’ll finally find out if they’re coordinates, or something else entirely.